1. har! Years before we had kids, MrsJesus? and I were in the supermarket and witnessed a similar meltdown. The funniest thing was that the father (who was alone) did absolutely nothing. He was Indian, and to this day we often repeat to each other the only thing we heard him say (with his thick accent): “Never in all my days have I seen such an unruly boy!” Now that’s a scolding!!!

    Our oldest was a toddler with a nasty ear infection when we went to apply for a mortgage. He pretty much convinced the loan officer of the need for birth control.

    Still, nothing compares to the hissy fit our old cat through when we took her to the vet because she had sprained her knee. I believe the vet wrote “Extremely Fractious Animal” in bright red letters on her chart. The cat required two people to hold her, and she still seemed like she was flying. With her claws unsheathed and ears back, she was positively demonic-looking, and you could hear her screaming outside the building.

    Ah,yes. Good times.


  2. “Extremely Fractious Animal”

    That totally rules. Holy crap. Excellent story. I should give this over to you AND Ben.


  3. I just purchased fractiouscat.com so I can start blogging. I have also owned poweredbydonuts.com for a while, but since I gave up eating them and lost 25 lbs this summer, I don’t think that really applies.


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