Here are four of the 2 billion pictures I have taken this weekend.

There are many more to come when I have more time.

(Click on thumbnail to enlarge).

Monterey Aquarium. Me looking at them looking at those.

A jellyfish.

Toby and me.

The Pacific Ocean. Route uno.


  1. it’s so sweet that they let that poor bubble girl swim with the rays.


  2. God damn, I love Route 1.


  3. great shot of the jellyfish… i was diving off the coast of newfoundland a couple weeks ago and there were jellyfish all over the shop… very cool to watch move around though they sort off freaked me out a bit… even though they weren’t the stinging kind i think subconsciously i reacted as though they were…
    i’m such a pussy.


  4. jeff—funniest comment EVER.


  5. ha – i’ve driven down #1 as well. yes, i have! it was the summer of ‘98.. just kidding. don’t worry. will keep the story to myself..


  6. Tell your stories! I get tired of hearing myself speak sometimes anyway. :]


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