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For the past couple of days I have been helping out over at EVB with some production work they needed help with. And I ain’t gonna lie, going in to an office like that again, being around creative people again, has been really kick ass. Going there for even this short while brought to surface and solidified my desires surrounding my career. I know that I want to work for a creative shop. No more of these HUGE corporate environments where I’m the only person on a Mac and the only person who knows what “4-color process” means.

Another item on my list of things to finish over the next few days (or hours, hopefully) is finalizing the outline to an article I’m writing for Macromedia on the Flash drawing tools. This is my first paid writing gig. I hope that I don’t suck. Please God, don’t let me suck.

I might be heading to DC for a few weeks in a few weeks to help out at a design shop there who is swamped due to the upcoming election. It could be a great time to see everyone again all the while getting paid to do so. Plus, I’d get to kick about with my pal, Soung. She’s the Art Director of the busy firm. My only reason for not jumping up and down for joy over this prospect is I really hate being away from The Beaner for longer than like, 2 hours. It makes my tummy upset. But I suppose if the money’s right, I’d be dumb to pass it up. I just love the little guy, and thoroughly enjoy falling asleep next to him every night. To think I spent 27 years having not done so.


Last night we rented Kill Bill Vol. 2 finally. We rented it on VHS – which should prove how badly we wanted to see it. The eyeball scene was gross but hysterical. Both Kill Bill movies were entirely entertaining. I should probably try and own them.

Today, I’m cleaning up around the homestead, preparing our place for this evening’s much anticipated arrival of my parents. We have a weekend planned filled with driving around and looking at ancient trees, eating fatty foods served from piers, visiting rocky shorelines, and attending a 2.5 hour evening tour of Alcatraz – which I haven’t ever been to. Actually, I don’t think any of us have.

And you?


  1. That shop looks excellent, hadn’t heard of them before.


  2. That’s where Toby works, Arjen. Pretty cool, eh?


  3. well, today started out to suck really bad. but i’m confident about the upcoming weekend to be better (how couldn’t it?).

    we’ll have a party for a friend’s 30th tomorrow (tradition in germany: when you turn 30 and you’re still unmarried, you have to sweep the steps to the cathedral here in bremen, until a virgin kisses you free. yeah – weird but fun germans ;o)) and that should be fun. and i have absolutely no problem with a most-likely-hungover-on-the-couch-sunday..

    i haven’t been to alcatraz when i was in SF, but from what i remember you have to get tickets like a decade ahead, don’t you?

    have a good weekend though ;o)


  4. Yeah, we did get the tickets in advance. Thank goodness. They were totally sold out for the weekend. So we had to opt for Monday evening. I hope we don’t freeze to death. :] Sweep the steps of the cathedral? Thank goodness I got married not 25 days prior my turning 30. I am truly the worst sweeper out there. For real. Toby can attest to it.


  5. Very cool indeed. Looks like a lot of motion graphics stuff, is Toby action script god no more? I’m not suprised though as child prodigy;s usually land in good positions. :) And I went to Alcatraz, totally on a whim, no tickets ahead of time at all. It’s very interesting, for a tourist trap.


  6. He’s now just plain God. :] Nah, he’s doing a bunch of everything, but he still works with AS. Did you see the site they recently launched? All done in CSS. Click Here. I should let him answer questions, tho. For some reason I always think I’ll say something incorrect. And for tech people, that’s like committing a sin.


  7. That’s pretty sweet right there. Rock on Grandmaster Toby.


  8. Arjen – I’m the Director of Engineering here. Bit of a move up from previous positions. Still doing heavy development. Lots of big AS2 projects, Java, PHP, lots of XML-related technologies, all sorts of fun.


  9. actually, mihow, a woman who turns 30 and is still unmarried had to clean the doornobs (doorhandles) of the cathedral. and we smeer them good in that case (toothpaste, shoe-cleaning-stuff and just dirt). only the guys have to do the cleaning. we actually made a site for a friend who turned 30 last year. it’s in german but you can check out the pix (click on stop-over) ;o)


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