Really Very Totally Hard

Creating a personal portfolio site that includes bits of written information about yourself is really very hard. Today, I have been working on my new (and hopefully) improved portfolio site. This time, I’m trying to include more written information about myself as the existing one features not one paragraph (I used to like to try and be a woman of few words, but we all know that’s total crap).

This is hard. I can do the design stuff, but writing about myself is not very easy.

I should hire someone.


  1. Do you have any email from colleagues/clients that includes feedback or comments about your work? Maybe you already HAVE some stuff written by someone else.

    Or you could make this an exercise. Don’t try to describe yourself and your work as you see it, but as others would see it. Take YOUR intention out and write in the voice of a satisfied customer or awe-struck colleague.

    Or, if that’s too hard, imagine that the work isn’t yours. If someone handed this portfolio to you, what would you say about it?

    Or write it like an M. Night Shayamalan movie. Or better yet, spoof that M. Night Shayamalan publicity stunt (you know, his “unauthorized” bio that reveals his own dark secret). Suggest that there is some dark secret message in your work that you are sloooowly constructing. And it’s a very scary message. But you’re not CONSCIOUSLY constructing the message… you suspect something is there. Are you channeling some evil spirit? Are aliens living in your computer? …and just where is Tucker now?


  2. you rule. entirely. I should totally write it like a M. Night Shmuckofaman. You are brilliant! BRILLIANT! I fear that I will probably sound like this: “My name is michele. And I’m your man. I do logo’s like no one can! I do Web sites. I do print. Help me through my west coast stint. I like design. I hate it too. Hire me or I’ll fling poo.” (Fire me if you wish).


  3. 1. Drink enormous glass of brandy.
    2. Write as much as you want and stuff you think needs saying
    3. Send it to me and I will turn it into job language.
    4. Cause I like your pretty pretty wallpaper.

    Sorry to post twice in two days. I hope I am not freaking you out! :)


  4. Not at all, my dear. Not at all. mmmm Brandy. Now that sounds lovely.


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