Some Kind of Monster

What unbelievably heartless creature decided to have the female species go into heat once a month? The physical parts are fine, I can tolerate them, but why mess with our heads as well? For the love of God, why?

Happy thoughts.

The photo below was taken by TobyJoe at a Mexican restaurant in Salina, Kansas. The guy working the register saw me looking longingly at the sombrero hanging on the wall and asked me if I wanted to wear the beautiful beast. I, of course, said yes. Below is the photographic evidence of me standing next to Happy after consuming many nachos and beans.

And if you’re able to divert your eyes from my most fabulous outfit, you will notice the strange arm thing that happens to me when someone takes my picture. It’s weird, I know. Check out the image below and compare.

But they’re different arms, proving that usually they are normal.

Ah well, that is all. I will now sip tea, get out the heating pad, and begin my work for the day.


  1. My cube needs more sombrero.


  2. And cowbell, no? I now know what to buy you for your birthday. When is your birthday, sweet canadian lana?


  3. Oh my god. How cute are YOU!!!???

    The funny arm thing is precious, but I still like the one foot rolled over on it’s ankle look that you’ve got going in the bottom photo.

    Share the heating pad, wouldja?


  4. I most certainly will share. There is enough to go around for all the ladies. Plus, I have some lavender lotion for maximum relaxation. I’ll share that as well.


  5. What did people do before the invention of magic bags??


  6. I wonder … Do women who read each other’s blogs alot “synchronize” like roommates sometimes do?


  7. She who eats the most bananas wins.


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