This weekend we saw Bourne Supremacy. I dug both Bourne movies. Of course, it helps that Matt Damon is in both. Me gusta mucho.

I’m super unbelievably excited about seeing Open Water. The actual movie site can be found here. (Warning: there is sound). Ocean dramas are the best (in my opinion). What a terrifying ordeal.

We also watched Boy Interrupted I mean, Manic, as well as S.W.A.T and Seabiscuit. Between our movie watching, we caught the east coast airing of both Six Feet Under and Dead Like Me.

It was a weekend filled with moving pictures.


  1. having grown up diving and fishing and such, “open water” looks to be the most annoying film in recent memory. jellyfish and eels (featured in the trailer) are hardly terrifying. 90 minutes of swimming, screaming and crying seems more exhausting than entertaining.


  2. So it’s safe to assume that I won’t be seeing you there opening night. heh. I get a sick thrill out of anything ocean-related. I think because I’m haunted by water nearly every night. Plus, I grew up a fisherperson with my father—deep sea fishing. And I used to freak myself out imagining this sort of thing happening to me. The ocean is a scary, amazing place.


  3. this looks very painful. i am much more interested in seeing AvP (or Alien vs Predator), in which Sigourney Weaver’s arch nemesis takes on Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Danny Glover’s. Reminds me of the old “King Kong vs. Godzilla”-type movies I loved as a kid.

    I hear they both die.


  4. I saw that poster while seeing Bourne Identity! Insane. I really liked both of those movies the first time I saw them. Does that make me a little off? That’s ok if it does. Did you see they’re also coming out with a new new Exorcist? I am totally digging that as well.

    Side note: While we were at the theater, right after the Alien vs. Predator realization, we stumbled upon a GIANT cardboard advertisement for The Bride Of Chuckie Part something. The great thing about this ad, however, was that it had a hole cut out for the middle character (you know, like those things you see at the county fair or something) so I put my fat head up there, all proud and shit, movie-goers laughing as they walked by, and Toby took a picture. I totally can not wait to see this photograph. And surely, I’ll post it for you to see as well.


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