DonaldEugene Pet Poet Extraordinaire

Tucker By DonaldEugene

  • I wasn’t born yesterday,
  • not even last week.
  • I might not be a kitten,
  • but I’m feelin’ pretty sleek.
  • I snuck out thru the back door,
  • yeah I’ve been around the block.
  • The east coast was my home,
  • now the west coast I do rock.
  • Yeah my name is Tucker
  • and I’m just a little bad.
  • I’ve never been a f*cker
  • no I’m not your kitty’s dad.
  • They say I got a deathwish
  • and that I’m into doom.
  • Hey If I’m in the oven
  • it’s ‘cause I like the fumes.
  • yeah

Here is a picture of the little bastard.

(The cat, not Donald).


  1. That is the best poem in the whole wide world. I have to agree with Toby who, when he read it, said “It’s very rock ‘n roll.” I’m going to put it to my guitar music tonight. I’ll need your banjo skills as well. And, of course, a lot of cowbell.


  2. See how heartless my visitors are, DonaldEugene? NO one commented on how FUCKING BRILLIANT this poem is. Clearly, you and I need to get an act together—a street act. For shame, people. For bloody shame.


  3. cheap jimmy-jaw monkey bastards your readers are, now givemeeee my goddammm dollar bill all y’all.


  4. DonaldEugene fucking rulez…


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