Gay Pride and Coffee in the Park

This weekend Toby and I accomplished quite a bit. On Saturday we discovered the bus system. We headed to Alamo Square for Coffee In The Park (CIP). Mitch Cope (our dear friend from Detroit) told us about it months ago and Mark (the coffee maker) started it up again after a hiatus. Toby and I decided to check it out and have a cup of coffee.

After we left the park, we hopped on the N Juda and headed to the beach to check out the waves. The wind was so incredible, we were both sandblasted back inland. I could nearly lean myself against the wind, all the while standing up without falling forward. Needless to say, we didn’t last long.

On sunday, we woke up early and headed to the San Francisco Pride Parade with Cathy and Mike. What an amazing morning. My only souvenir is a pretty thick layer of San Francisco sunshine, I’m wearing it on my cheeks, my chest and my arms. Skin cancer, come get me.

Below are 19 more images taken over the course of the weekend. I had 173 images to choose from, but there are only 20 featured here.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Alan Cummings was there. (It’s grainy. I zoomed because he knows Jennifer Jason Leigh and I sorta had a thing for her after seeing her in Proof. I ain’t gonna lie, she’s cute.

Gwen’s family was there. I was touched by this. I may have gotten a wee bit weepy too.

And there was the gay porn distributor. I think they’re called Falcon.

The San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newson, was there.

He used to work for Target, but it seems someone may have left him out in the rain for too long.

(I could not help but think of the movie Heather’s after reading this sign. Sorry).

It seems that Little Bo Peep has lost his sheep.

I think this guy may have tapped into the a little somethin-somethin Oakland may have been offering.

(Three Whys: Why were the kids from the Real World there? Why did I take this picture of the kids from the Real World? Why did I post a picture of the kids from the Real World? I have never watched one episode. I know nothing about these people).

The Good Vibrations float. This chicks totally ruled.

Coffee in the Park with Mark.


  1. You’ve never seen an episode of The Real World? Really? Whatever you do, don’t start. I can tell you it is the dumbest show ever, but even that can’t stop me from passing entire days wrapped up in a Real World Marathon. It’s scary.


  2. Well, judging by the unbelievably power Melrose Place had over me I’m not sure I should let myself be sucked in by this show.


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