Toby and I have been renting a number of movies lately. We watched The Station Agent which was just fabulous. It had the same pulse a favorite of mine called You Can Count On Me. Plus, Bobby Cannavale of “Third watch” was surprisingly wonderful. This is also the first time I found myself attracted to a dwarf. What a cutie. But the poor fella suffers from the last name of “Dinklage”. Something seems not right about that last name.

We also saw Irreversible. I sort of wish I could discuss it with someone, someone who didn’t hide in the bathroom during the rape scene and the first scene and the scene with the hookers.

We also watched Kill Bill, Volumn 1. (Go, Uma! Work that sword, work it girl), In America (Embrace the angry black man. He is not what he seems), Capturing the Friedmans (thou shall fear computer classes offered for children in brownish basements) and The Weather Underground (Inspiring. [Read into that what you will]).

Actually, jokes aside, all of these films were quite good, if not great.

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