I’m so tired today. I can’t wait until today is over and I can return to my bed. Days that begin like this are sure to be long. Oh well.

Keith and Marjorie leave today for Boston and D.C. (they are going home separately). Once again our house will fall quiet. It’s nice having visitors. I wonder who will be next.

We visited with Cathy and Mike on Saturday for a sequel BBQ. This time, it was fajitas. And we had another fabulous evening. By the end of the night we were all sitting around watching the 50 of the Most Awesomely Worst Songs Ever via their Tivo. That was my first time with a Tivo, so I do believe I will be purchasing one after we’re more settled. What an amazing invention! I’m completely behind the times for not having one as well as not really knowing how cool they are and how they can change ones life. And the show was pretty funny as well. Here’s the entire list. There are a few I feel don’t belong there. Take Breakfast at Tiffany’s, for example. As I recall I think I kinda liked it. And I would have liked to have seen Bette Midler move a bit closer to number one.

Anyway, I’m off to work. Sluggishly, but still.


  1. I know it’s a subjective thing but how could they omit Hanson’s Mmmmm Bop and Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys? Not to mention that Rump Shaker’s really not such a bad tune.

    Hope the sluggish part of your day is over soon!


  2. hey! you must email me sir. I need it. Send it to mihow.com, please.
    Elvira was the worst song ever. Ooooombapa Ooooombapa Ooooombapa mow mow.

    My god.


  3. haha…Donald Eugene totally loves Wreckx n Effect. Never would’ve guessed it. ;)


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