Capturing the Friedmans

Toby and I watched Capturing the Friedmans last night. Overall, an excellent documentary. I watched the entire thing. And over and over again, I changed my mind as to whether they were guilty (and when I say guilty, I mean solely on the counts brought against them). So, the movie was really well done. You find yourself all over the place, not knowing who is telling the truth and who isn’t. And in the end, I have to say, I am just not sure they’re guilty.

Clearly, Mr. Friedman has some problems and if he had visited a proper doctor (which given where he lived, I’m shocked someone didn’t help him) maybe things would have been different. Surely that family was a bit “Crumblike” in nature; they were weird and off from what one is used to having dinner with. But did he play leap frog with a bunch of kids during his computer class all the while having anal sex? I am not so sure. If I had been on that jury (which, there never was) I’m not sure I would have found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Overall, a worthwhile film. I like when I’m forced to think.

(Thanks, Missy for the suggestion).

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