I got a new iPod. And I think I like it. But I have no idea why it’s doing the things it’s doing. Just now, I tried plugging it into my computer here at work. It opens iTunes and says something like “This iPod is linked to a different library. Do you wish to switch to this one?” I say no. So it doesn’t mount. The machine and iTunes has no record of my iPod anywhere. I restart. This time, I tell it to go ahead and link to this computer. What does that do? IT ERASES EVERY SONG FROM MY IPOD. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.

I’m ready to go to the Apple store and kick someone’s assle. What the hell is going on? This isn’t my first one, but they have apparently made changes.

I’m really very angry right now. Someone tell me what I did wrong.


  1. how you just stop using your trusty one that almost got smashed by a treadmill? it proved itself to you! :)

    p.s. does this mean you have another you are willing to sell?


  2. Oh! You didn’t see my follow-up. There was internal bleeding I didn’t see. He died a day later. It was very sad. We had a funeral. And then Toby got me a new one.


  3. silly rabbit. you can only be linked to one iTunes at a time. but in the iPod prefs in iTunes you can turn off the auto sync and it should show up even if it is wed to another (slutty iPod)


  4. My other one was not this much of a tramp. God damnit. I tell ya, I wish I had known that BEFORE it deleted ALL OF MY MUSIC!

    Oh well, I have a back up at home. I just like to complain. Plus, people sent me music. So that was fun. Thanks, Chan. How’s Japan?


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