Napa and Company

(Descriptions, if any, are below each picture. Click on each to enlarge.)

Toby’s feet. In the sun while we sip wine outside.

Napa off route 29. This is not a shot of grapevines. It’s a shot of hay.

This is a shot of grapevines.

This is a closer up shot of some more grapevines.

And another. I figured there are actually grapes grown in Napa.

The grapes’ version of an old folks home.

The view from the Groth winery.

Another view from the Groth winery.

Here, Toby and Amanda stand out back.

Here is some guy taking a dirtnap. I hear this happens often. After a few glasses of wine, everyone wants to take a nap. And what a perfect place to do so.

Two guys, inches away from taking a nap.

Three people and one picture-taker who could really use a nap.


This was taken outside the Coppola winery, the Disney version of a winery. But it was still nice sitting outside.

Cherry pits in a wine glass.

Toby, smelling his own sock.

Apparently this staircase costs over a million dollars. Again, in Coppola.

And again.

And again.

Here we are at Atlas Cafe in the Mission. Toby and Soung.



A heated game of Scrabble between two ladies I do not know.

Manny Tan.


  1. Arrrghh…i wish i was there. To play scrabble that is. That looks like one intense game. ;)


  2. man it was nice to see you both… it’s a reason to head out to the left coast, spending a day drinking and chatting is now an official San Fran destination.


  3. all that unfiltered sunshine is making my eyes hurt…


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