Washingtonienne Revealed

In follow up to a few links I posted yesterday, Ms. Washingtonienne has been revealed. Her name is Jessica Cutler. Wonkette has an exclusive interview.

You can still read some of her sex-filled stories here. You can also read the latest fake (but kinda funny) Washingtonienne here. (I still think this is the work of a gay man.)

I would like to thank missy. for dragging my curious (and bored) nose into this scandal. I sort of became, for lack of a better word, obsessed.

Well, we’re off to Napa Valley for the day. I start work on Monday, so perhaps I’ll swallow the wine in an attempt to drown my sorrows.


  1. This entire thing is a big joke. If I had half a mind I’d take this post down. The whole thing is stupid. Stupid. So what? She’s a whore. And not a very interesting one at that. I don’t know. Give me something more creative. Boring.


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