Link Love

The wonderful Nifkin is back as well as Toby. And BSmith started something new. My gal pal Gina is saying stuff out of Detroit. And recently, Missy introduced me to this site because of this blog and the scandal behind it all. And lana’s writing from the land down under.

I have been seeking out new (to me) or rediscovering old haunts as of late and have been frequenting the following sites:

Heather Champ | bluepoppy | Powazek | blurbomat | External Monologue

Any and all of the above is so much more entertaining that my drivel. And I’d love to discover more.


  1. wonkette claims that the washingtonienne blog is not written by the original staffer:

    see the UPDATES


  2. Yeah, I wondered that. Actually, the new one sounds like it’s written by a gay man. I can’t back that up, but the person sounds like a gay man.


  3. Maybe someday I will redo my site so I can actively participate in this wonderful world of blogging instead of being a perpetual lurker…..


  4. Yes, you must. I would like that very much. As a matter of fact, I really wish everyone I know would create one so I could follow them through their life no matter where they are. It should be a given for everyone, like having a social security number or being given a name. :]


  5. Regarding your post yesterday and where you’ll be in a year, you’ll be sad to know that if it’s in New York, you could get arrested for subway photography.

    (I left the link in the link field.)


  6. Holy crap! That’s nuts. I would have been thrown in jail a hundred times back then. No, a thousand.


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