Welcome to Pennsylvania

(Descriptions, if any, are above each picture.)

I’m from Pennsyltuckey, so I guess that’s why I didn’t feel the need to take pictures. I think Toby got a few of the Amish invasion we experienced at a rest stop on 70. (He called them Amish, however I think they were Mennonite.) Anyway, a busload of them got off and headed for the restroom (all at once, mind you.) I was attacked by a gaggle of teenage girls while sitting on the pot, he was attacked by a herd of teenage boys while standing at the urinal. The boys were wearing suspenders and hats and black pants. Beneath the suspenders, they wore blue button downs. The girls had on pink shirts beneath their overall dresses. I finished first and waited for Toby. Upon seeing Toby, I began to laugh uncontrollably. Not for any other reason than I am apparently stupid and can’t handle gaggles of religious teenagers while driving through my home state.

We order Coffee. While standing in line at Starbucks, one teenage boy comes over with his coffee cup. He says:

Hey, do you all have coffee?

The counter girl replies:

We are Starbucks. That’s what we have, coffee.

He says, still holding his mug:

Do you serve Maxwell house? Is it Maxwell house?

No. We’re Starbucks. We have Starbucks.

This went on. As did my giggling. There were no pictures taken while in the rest stop. It’s moments like these that don’t need images. They are right there in my head and probably always will be.

Now that the rant is over. Another image of nothing.


  1. “do you serve maxwell house” … that’s awesome!


  2. That is indeed awesome. That reminds me of the time I worked at a Gap and about 3-4 people came in around Christmas time and asked me if we sold Levi’s or Tommy Hilfiger jeans.


  3. Megan, that’s awesome. You have no idea how funny this was. We laughed and laughed. We laughed our way into West Virginia. Good times. At first, Toby wondered if the kid was kidding, but they we realized he just really wanted to fill his mug with Maxwell house.


  4. you all are so awesome it’s awesome. i am in awe of the awesomeness of your awesomeness.


  5. All awesomes above are granted minus the one next to your name. :]


  6. I’m only kidding. You’re the awesomest. And you know how much I love you. And Kenny Rogers.


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