Welcome to Ohio

(Descriptions, if any, are above each picture.)

At a rest stop in Ohio, there was a description of why and how Route 70 came to be. We read about it. And we took pictures.

This is me, back on the road again. I got it in my head that I wanted to drive the ENTIRE way across, with no help from Toby. (Much later, in Nevada, I nearly gave in and handed the wheel over to him. But after a quick break and some Red Bull, I was back on track again.)

I didn’t take many pictures while in Ohio. But I did call Missy half way through to tell her how pretty I thought her home state is. She said:

You must still be before Columbus, in the hilly part. It’s really pretty there. Later, it flattens out.

She was right. But it was quite lovely at first.

And, two little guys in the back seat.


  1. Where is Pookums? WHAT DID YOU DO WITH POOKUMS?


  2. she hid much of the time. She’s good at that.


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