Even T3 Users Will Choke and Die.

Finally. There are 62 images here. Good luck.

TobyJoe. (Friday night out. Thai Tanic and the Hotel Helix bar.)

Nico, the fabulous cake maker sitting in a chair outside Helix Hotel.

TobyJoe talking to Megan outside Helix.

TobyJoe and George.

George slappin his ass. yeah!

ET Bone Home.

George looking very tired at the weird bar in the Helix Hotel.

I think this is Nico’s chest.

George getting ready to sit down on these light up chairs. It’s like a big ass glow-worm.

I have no idea what this is. This is me taking pictures without a flash. Or something. It reminds me of something out of The Shining. But that could be because we’re at a hotel bar.


Toby and Megan.

Toby and Missy.

George and Megan.

(Beginning of our party Saturday night.) This is Shelly and Nico. Nico is putting the cake together.

Aunt Sue, Uncle Mark, my dad, Uncle Dick, the waitress, Aunt Denise, Aunt Darlene.

The Cake and a picture of Toby and I in Niagara Falls. See us? SEE US THERE?!

The cake close up. It’s hot. And it tasted as good as it looked. Holy shit.

A bunch of us arriving.

My brother arrives holding Simone. She’s so cute.

Jason, Shelly and Noah. Look at that little guy. (He’s not so little! He has muscles! HUGE muscles!)

Not sure what happen here. Should have taken the outcome of this shot as a foreshadow to how my night might play out.

The Grooms (Vegan) Cake. It too ruled. And those things? Those orange things? They are kumquats.

Megan, my aunt Sue, my aunt Denise, my mom, and my Uncle Mark.

Ryan, Janice, Todd, Missy, Nico and George.

Here they are again because Janice and Nico weren’t looking at me. Hello!

Jason, Noah, and Shelly. (Toby, Chandler, and Gina and Mitch are back there as well.)

David, Soung, Michael, Inger, and Steve.

My family members. That’s my dad. He’s nuts. In a good way.

More of my family members. That’s my Aunt, dead-center. She’s dancin.

Rob and Melissa.

Megan and Donnie.

Denise and Darlene.

The cake. I like cake.

Groom’s cake again.

Another close-up of the cake. This is driving me nuts. It’s frozen in my mom’s freezer. (The top, of course.)

A sleeping Simone.

My very animated mother.

Megan and my Aunt, Darlene.

I blinded Chandler and Ryan is just avoiding eye-contact.

Mitch, Ryan and Megan.

Ryan, Megan, Jeff (Calvo) Uncle Mark.

Ahhhhhhh Bedrock. (Really should have gone home. Ooops.)


Someone should have really cut me off when they saw me shooting pictures from the floor, up Megan’s skirt. (Though, that was not my intention, I swear.)

Gina and Mitch and Marjorie.


Missy and Donnie. She is not dancing. She’s arranging beers.


Megan and Jeff.

Ryan, my brother.

Janice and Megan.

Michelle and Chandler.

James, Michelle and Chandler.

You can figure it out. No?

Steve, David and Ryan.

Again, you can figure it out.

Todd, starting to get undressed? Heh. Silly boy.

Me and DC’s Finest. This was after we left and stood in line forever for food at the Diner. We never ate at the Diner. We ended up at some mexican place instead. I ate too much there. Again. (We fell into bed at 5.30 a.m. Bad news bears.)


  1. You’re teasing, now. This is worse than waiting for cycling results. Piiictuuuurrrres!



  2. Dude. When did the cops show up?! hahahaha!


  3. I am currently on dial-up in Denver. You have no idea how long these took to load. But so worth it! Also, I think I have a picture of you on the floor taking a picture at Bedrock. When I am home, I will send it to you.

    Also, Simone & Noah are too freaking cute. All of us are, really.


  4. those pictures are GREAT!! you’re all just the cutest…


  5. it woulda made a better story if you’d let everyone believe that missy was dancing around the table in that one picture holding a beer in each hand.

    she’s badass like that.


  6. You were all guerilla style with the camera, so I couldn’t stop you going up my skirt even if I wanted to. Nice job, Ansel Adams. ;)


  7. I’m so sorry we missed this! :(
    I know you guys will have an awesome drive out…and you’ll love it there!


  8. Andrea, in Bedrock, we wouldn’t have even been able to smell the smoke on you and nifkin’s pajamas. It’s a pretty smokey bar. For shame you put getting your life back in order before getting retarded drunk and taking upskirt shots while playing the worst games of pool ever seen in the metro area. FOR SHAME!


  9. Just about the time you fell into bed, me and my finest, we’re arriving curbside at Dulles. No sleep in almost 20 hours… getting on a fully booked plane to Oakland. My thought – “I’ll be able to sleep on the plane.” Wrong assumption, because the little card in the seatback had a drawing depicting NO SLEEPING ON THE SHOULDER OF THE PERSON IN THE SEAT NEXT TO YOU. Lame.

    Thanks for the awesome night! Can’t wait to meet up again either on the West Coast or East Coast.


  10. What, no photos of me! I think I need to be Photoshopped, stat!


  11. No photos of KEITH?! OH CRAP! You must have been in too many of them with me. I edit. heh. I am god. No images of mihow. No sir. :]


  12. Hobbs:


    Are you SERIOUS? I not only did as much, but I drooled all over the shoulder of the person next to me.


  13. I loved Aunt Denise. Rock n Roll, man. Both of your families are so nice. And Simone with her “party dress” on. Adorable. I must stop talking.


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