Boats and Naked People.

This is a few blocks up the hill from our new apartment. I will most likely not be taking a picture of this nature again, as we have no car and this hill was a killer.

Again. To be honest, it took me a while to get over the views in San Francisco. I hope they never stop amazing me.

And again.

This is Cat’s car. I hear she spent a long long time decorating this one.

Sweet, Noe Valley. Our apartment is a few blocks from here.

Somehow, while we were looking for apartments we ended up at Lombard Street and didn’t realize it until we saw a band of tourists taking pictures. I figured they were there for the view of bay. But once we walked up to it, we discovered the famous, windy street. I think I’d hate to live there.

And then the trolly rode by. The apartment we saw a few blocks from here, was over-priced and really very small. But!

It did have a view of the Golden Gate.

We attempted to take another picture of the Golden Gate Bridge but missed. Silly Toby and missing the actual subject matter.

After a busy day of checking out over-priced apartments, we headed to Fisherman’s Wharf to see the boats and watch the beached tourists.

There was this guy. He seemed so content.

This is my attempt at an arty shot. Yes.

My father recommended we eat at Scoma’s. It was pricey, but the view and the food was excellent. And our east coast appetites had us hungry by 3, so we beat the normally huge crowd as well.

This was our view during dinner.

A self-portrait.

Some more lovely boats and water. I think I was most impressed with the lack of trash. In New York, while living on the waterfront, we found numerous floating turds, several used tampons, several opened condoms, just all sorts of trash and other unnameable crap. Anyway…

Another self-portrait.

Some more boats.

A Ohio waitress suggested we check out Mr. Bings. So we did just before passing out from exhaustion at 7:30 p.m.

This is Toby and a painting I could not take my eyes off of.


  1. Can I just say how happy I am that Mr. Naked was crouched over his book instead of reclining on his little beach chair.


  2. Yeah, by the time he did that, we had put the camera away. Plus, we were in someone else’s apartment taking pictures of “the view” Good times.


  3. it’s okay, he wasn’t actually totally naked. he was wearing a tiny sailor suit on his penis.


  4. Holy shit, that’s funny.


  5. Oh my. Great pics. This is going to be good. Good, good.


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