Dial-Up Users Will Choke and Die.

I finally got around to downloading, optimizing and then uploading some of the pictures from the other night. A few of them had to be censored. While nothing was too over the top (i.e. nothing would have gotten us or anyone around us arrested), I chose to not show a few in respect to the people in the picture.

I Wuv Porn: The Evolution of Matchbook Art. At Bedrock they have white matchbook covers and people like to write information on them as they sit at the bar. Much like a fortune cookie only you shouldn’t eat the outside. This was a group effort. That last one we did was just strange.

This is a person I don’t know but I took her picture anyway. We were at Loreal. I was getting to know my new camera.

Night Construction Downtown. (Near the MCI center).

Weird Obligatory Night Alley Shot.

Missy and Gerry at Loreal Plaza

Another young lady I don’t know but took a picture of anyway.

Toby, Donnie, and Paul. We are now at Bedrock. (I’m noticing some of these are out of order. Oh well.)

Calvo and Mia.

Malcolm and some girl who told a story about a cat fight she was in. She’s a stripper somewhere downtown. Apparently the girl bit her arm. I saw the bite. Quite a tale told.

Much later, at Aroma. Gerry, Katrina, Olivia and the back of Soung’s head.

Gerry doing something to Missy. This looks abusive, but Gerry? He ain’t like that.

Gerry again. Closer this time. (Sometimes we call him Moby).

Toby doing something. He looks like he just got done yelling STELLA!!! or something.

My god, I look terribly horribly frightening and gross.

Paul, looking good and drunk. (I hope otherwise he’ll have some ammo to use against us all surely.)

My nose, Soung and Toby.

Missy looking at Toby like he just took a picture of her underpants.

This begins The Nipple Series I’ve been working on. This is a nipple. (I will not reveal whose is whose.)

I think we can figure out whose nipple this is.

Another boy nipple.

This is a nipple. I will refrain from disclosing the owner of said nipple. heh

Getting to know my camera a bit more.

Donnie and TobyJoe. Gerry and Soung wayyyyyyy back there. (Bored yet?)

I forget his name. But this is the lovely Katrina. She was the birthday girl.

Gerry and TobyJoe. They look as if they’re about to kick my ass.

These gals began to dance. And so I began to take their picture. They so did not care.

Some guy I decided to bother. I do that.

Oh, this was great. Nearly got beat up over this. We were in Adam’s Morgan later and I decide “Wouldn’t it be funny if I started to take pictures of people while they were eating pizza in cabs?” The guy there, he almost got out and kicked my ass. Oh well. And she just looks surprised.

Again. Cab waiters.

And again.


  1. What is this cab/pizza phenomenon???


  2. If you ever live in Adam’s Morgan it becomes very clear in no time. Basically, everyone (and I mean everyone) goes out in Adam’s Morgan to drink. At closing time, they all spill out onto the streets and begin to stand in line at one of the many pizza places in on 18th street. The lines can be 50 people long, many times, longer. After they order this pizza bigger than their head and their lover for the night’s head, they hop in a cab. The traffic during this time shuts down. People are throwing up on cars, in trash cans. They stand around eating pizza and peeing at the same time. It’s like something out of a Mike Leigh film. I have many more shots of this, but thought they might get a little boring. Perhaps at a later date, I’ll put them up for you, Ms. Cute Canadian gal.


  3. When Cat wakes up over there on the West Coast, and if she comes to visit today, she can tell you about it as well. I think she lived in Adam’s Morgan for a while.


  4. I like the idea of drive-thru pizza.. minus the puking.


  5. while I’ve never seen people throwing up on cars, or eating while peeing, the scene she speaks of is true.

    needless to say, 18th street in adams morgan is not a pretty place saturday and sunday mornings.

    and, yes, the slices really are bigger than most people’s heads. it’s freakish.


  6. Next time I’d like a nipple fluffer.


  7. I will arrange for that. Not a problem. (Side note: I suddenly have a craving for Marshmellow Fluff.)


  8. and i have a craving for pizza


  9. just make sure your marshmallow fluff comes from an hermetically sealed jar. and not some guy on the street selling fluff’n’stuff


  10. I’m not even sure what that means and I’m scared. I will avoid strange guys’ fluff’nstuff.


  11. i was worried you were gonna post the nipple pictures of me and calvo. good call there

    mmmm peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches!


  12. It was a Guys Gone Wild kind of evening. My goodness.


  13. I believe there was an additional, final segment in the “I Wuv Porn” series that didn’t make the photo. Perhaps we saw the photo and then decided we needed to do one better. I also think we needlessly spent about 30 minutes that we’ll never get back on that project.


  14. the one where the ‘w’ in ‘wuv’ was shaped like a butt? I’d hardly call conceptualization like that a waste of time.


  15. Yes, we spent a careful amount of time getting that butt just right.

    Good times.


  16. OK…now you guys are starting to scare me….:O)

    I can vouch for the whole Adams Morgan thing….
    The last place we lived was on Belmont street. Just between Columbia and 18th. Smack down in the middle of it all. We loved it but when it came to closing time we were really questionning our choice of living location. Although, we did have a lot of fun just sitting outside our apartment making fun of all those people who would come in from Maryland and Virginia and try to parallel park in these insanely small spots!
    Those were the days…..


  17. That one didn’t make it in because it was too blurry.

    But here is the close-up


  18. Cat, yeah, I’m sorry. We all sort of regressed that night. :] I hope to not have scared you too much.


  19. I was just joking….No worries…I just haven’t done stuff like that in a while…Since having Belly (Isabel) my social life has changed drastically. Now she has more of a social life than I do!


  20. I hear there’s even more “bounce in California”… at least according to the OC (which I don’t watch… ok I do… to support the Ottawa actress in it… sure.. )


  21. Which fine young lady is from Ottawa? (there are several of us who enjoy the OC)


  22. The mum… not sure what her name is other than “Mom” on the show… oh wait… “Kiki”?


  23. Kirsten! I think her father calls her Kiki. She’s hot; that’s one of the things I love about The O.C.: even the parents are hot.


  24. No, not “I THINK her father…” I KNOW. Because I have seen every episode.


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