You're all platinum.

I have been thinking. That’s all I’ve been doing, actually. This would be much easier if the people in my life weren’t so perfect. Over the past several days, I have received some of the most thoughtful emails and phonecalls I have ever gotten. People are offering everything from their advice to their favorite restaurants, from their strength to their saddness. It will be hard leaving here. I don’t think anyone has any idea how much so. It brings me some of the most concentrated sadness to say goodbye to such an amazing group of human beings.

I really wish I could take every last one of them with me. How selfish am I? I can’t thank people enough. And I’m strill trying to figure out how to do so.

(I’m getting worked up again. Must. Shut. Up.)


  1. lana, you’re a strange child, but it amuses me muchly.

    mihow, the good news is, you will be taking everyone from the site with you.


  2. That’s true. Toby and I are building an app for the posting of pictures as we go from state to state in a minivan. that way, my family can follow our drive. if all goes well, people can keep tabs on us the entire journey.


  3. sweet. I can’t wait for Van-blogging.


  4. Your impending adventure got me thinking. Last week I told MrsJesus that I wanted to start planning to move somewhere new. But San Fran is a little too close (and too tempting to attempt to recreate our lives there).

    I’m thinking Hong Kong.

    I told MrsJesus and she almost fell over. But since then she has totally gotten into it and has been researching the place like a stalker! Since she’s an English teacher and private school administrator, we’re thinking if she can land a gig there in a couple of years, then the kids will be set. She has even found a rugby club for me.

    Can you imagine how defining an experience that would be for the kids? To grow up in Hong Kong? If they weren’t the greatest, most confident, friendliest little creatures I don’t think I would consider it … but they’re so good with each other and so open to new experiences, I can’t imagine a good reason not to do it.

    Except, of course, the proximity of a totalitarian regime, SARS, and the outrageous cost of living. But that’s just the westerner in me, I think.

    Whaddaya say? Would you guys come visit? Of course, mihow would have to get over that fear of flying …


  5. gotjesus, I think it would be amazing to see you and Ms. Jesus move some place so far. Wow, I would be totally amazed and in awe of that sort of change. Good for you for even suggesting it. I would LOVE to see it happen. Keep us all posted. And, btw, if you ever wish to document the adventure, Toby can give you our blog software and we can follow you due east. :]

    Being a child who moved all her life, I can honestly say I look back fondly on all of it. While it was super freaky at first, the end was just amazing. I met great people, adapted to amazing, new places, and got to know myself better becuase of it. Your kids would have a story to tell, for certain.

    You just made me feel better again, btw. crazy how that happens.



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