I'm a blogging idiot.

1.) Yesterday, I took Charlie’s advice and wrote a professional Dear John letter to the Gap-wearing hippies. I haven’t heard back from them. I’m assuming that’s a good thing. But I’ll be on the look out.

2.) I decided last night while trying to fall asleep, that “Blog’ is the new “Fuck” It’s a word that can be used in every way, noun, verb, adjective.

I write on this blog.

I’m actually blogging about this.

Are you going to the blog party?

This is a blogging mess!

I very bloggly spoke my mind today at work.

Ok, so maybe that doesn’t work. I’m having trouble coming up with it used in every way. Fuck wins. But that’s only because we have no coffee.

3.) We finally saw Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. And I really enjoyed it. We knew exactly what was going on (I don’t wish to say much more for those who haven’t seen it) but it was still a great film. And I didn’t cry. She who cries during ER episodes, did not shed a tear. I liked it a lot more Charlie Kaufman’s other two (more popular) films, I might add. Then again, I did not care much at all for Adaptation. I am not at all surprised that the director happen to be a director of music videos. It showed.

4) I feel exceptionally boring today, so I wish to have a contest. I wish to have people (if there are any still reading this) to find as many posts across the internet beginning with the word “So.” (Remember, use the link button on the comments section if you wish to post).


  1. (I did that on purpose just for you, darlin’)

    Also, let’s not forget:
    Blog Me All Night Long.
    Blog Me Gently.
    Bloggin’ every Mornin’, Noon, ‘n Night.


  2. thanks for not giving too much info about the moview, i’m hoping to see it today.

    as a pre-teen i read Go Ask Alice and there’s a part she starts after a period of blackout with “So, like, here I am in Denver.” And it stuck in my mind forever as you can tell. It’s the tone.

    And I really love sentences that begin with “and” as well.


  3. I seem to start every sentence with the word “and”


  4. so, i loved Eternal Sunshine as well. definatly my fav out of Kaufmans 3 tho unlike you i did really enjoy Adaptation (the end got a little lame).


  5. dubstylenine, hysterical. Good one. A “Weed Journal?” woah. I’m going to start a journal when I begin the boob reductionage. I’ll call it “Tiny Teet Talk”


  6. i can’t take it, i’m gonna go see the 3:20 show. yay

    and mihow – i’m instantly hooked on annie new dream, fanks.


  7. I only just now found her site. It’s good to discover new things.


  8. I am pathetically following that belle du jour blog – damn you literary call girls everywhere!


  9. She updated, I see. She i no longer a “so” blog. Ah well.


  10. She IS, no I. I write good, see?

    My head is not here today.


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