I'm like butter, baby.

I fear I may have spread myself a bit too thin recently. I think I may need some help finishing the work I have.

I need to grow a backbone already.


  1. it’s the free work that kills… i got mad backbone. i’ll set those choosy beggars straight if you want. i can also help with the work, if it’s in my fields.


  2. Yeah, I’m a pushover. I’m a loser pushover who agrees to everything. :]

    This will suck once I accept a fulltime job.

    I need to design our invites, TJ. The time is starting to freak me out. Perhaps I should send out an email blast. ha ha ha! We can write form people fill out for RSVP.

    Actually, am I just hungry and tired or does that sound like a great idea? You did propose to me that way after all.



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