Moving again

Friday I’m supposed to head up to New York City to hang out with old friends. But I’m having a dilemma, a test on responsibility if you will, as it’s the last weekend we have to pack before moving into our new apartment. Therefore, heading to New York City may be a huge mistake on my part. A friend from Pittsburgh, whom I have not seen in about four or five years is headed that way as well so I sort of wish to go. Oh the drama, the drama. I predict my sticking around. Even if I head up there for a day it’ll be around $150.00 and I probably shouldn’t spend that kind of money right now.
So, yes, we’re moving soon. We hired movers. They’re called Starving Students and they’re cheap—cheaper than crazy (to quote Kucher fans everywhere). And when I first heard the name I thought perhaps it was started way back when by a bunch of poor college students who broke the bank on the cost of one Psychology textbook. However, now I’m wondering if it was named for starving students. Well, regardless, they’re super cheap. And we’re pretty pleased we don’t have to do anything this time around.
We’re moving into a place being vacated by a couple. They’re named NIck and Rebecca. I have spoken to them on the phone, but I haven’t seen them face to face. I have seen pictures though. While we were there checking out the place, I, of course, fell into their world through a number of pictures on the refrigerator, and scattered throughout the apartment. They’re outdoorsy. They like to hike, ski, rock climb and travel. And they’re moving to Portland. I haven’t ever been to Portland. But I think for a second I knew them. Or maybe I just wanted to be them, traveling from east to west in a truck. I asked Nick if he was taking the northern route or they’d be taking their time to see the sites of it all, and Nick said,

I’ve been south, and I’ve been straight across the middle, this time we’re headed up.

And I was sure this was true not just geographically. But it’s easy to dream for others.
(No, please, allow me).


  1. Well, according to the website, it as started by starving students. :] Awesome.


  2. movers? and here I was, just about to volunteer my own assistance.

    oh well… :)


  3. go to nyc. i can swing any last minute details. lord knows, i have moved enough times in my life to be able to get this done solo. and greg is NEVER around. so you must go.


  4. nah, I’m gonna stick around. On top of the obvious, I don’t wish to spend the money. :] We can wait till a later time. But thanks for being so super nice about it, lord knows, I’d hate to have to move on my own. Not gonna let you do that, kitten. No way, no how.


  5. And if they don’t give you “the best move you’ve ever had” you can call back to try and get some money back, just like I did to Verizon when I called and told them that “they stopped working for me.” I got 100 free extra minutes a month for saying that.


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