Space Heaters in Summer

I love how it’s like 80 degrees outside and I have the friggin space heater on at my feet. People are sort of stupid that way. In my opinion. It’s finally nice out, so what do they do? They crank the fucking air conditioner. Stupid.


  1. thats what they do here too.
    i have a steady stream of freezing cold air coming down directly on my hands.

    i go outside to thaw.


  2. I seriously hate this. I really truly don’t get it. I get so worked up about it when i start to think on it too much.

    And the fact that it’s recycled, fart-filled, coffee-face-ass air gets me too. Doesn’t make sense.


  3. When I had a job (ha ha, suckas) everyone used to get sick in our office in the summer because of the asbestos filled air conditioning unit. I think they were really trying to kill us.


  4. Seriously, I’m sitting in my cube with my winter coat on. Somehow the phrase “above freezing” is like “Go time” for air conditioner controllers everywhere.

    I heat water up in the microwave so that I can cup my hands around a warm mug. – right, no back talk on that comment!


  5. i sit here with the door wide open, cats lounging in the sun, in a t-shirt, listening to the nice men with weed-eaters outside mixed with Motorhead.

    sometimes, life is sweet.

    then schmitty barfs and clients start calling and Flash acts like the piece of CRAP that it is, and you realize that the heat isn’t coming from the sun, but from your boiling blood, the pressure of which is visible by the veins in your forehead…

    nah, it’s not that bad.

    fuck clients. it’s a nice day.


  6. “coffee-face-ass air” … hyphenated ass phrases are always funny.

    For me, the worst is when it gets warm out and they don’t turn the heat off. I can deal with too cold, but too warm makes me sleepy.

    I end up face down on the keyboard with the home row imprinted on my forehead.


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