No hands were removed in the making of this diamond ring.

Toby bought me a ring this weekend. And I am elated. I am jumping around like an idiot. It’s so pretty. It’s so nice. Thing is, I won’t have it as my own until next weekend as they’re making it for me and the wait is strangely exciting. I’m still shocked we got a diamond. I’m still shocked I met a boy I want to spend my life with. I’m still shocked he asked me. I’m still shocked things worked out. Shocked and happier than I have ever been in my entire life. (pinch).
The hardest part and the reason we were steering away from diamonds (aside from the bling-bling factor and that some are just hideous) is that we actually care about ethics. And apparently, for some, this comes as a surprise. Every store we went in to we asked about their diamond source. And I think they thought we were nuts.

Where do you get get your diamonds?

We really have no way of knowing that.”

One guy was so excited to tell us that the sapphire I was looking at was ONLY 70 DOLLARS! And then he looked at Toby and said,

For that price you can still take her out to dinner at the end of the day.

Dude, we don’t want your 70 dollar ring. (Damn!).
Anyhow, we finally found a store who cares about where their diamonds come from. So, guilt-free, we made the purchase. And it’s the prettiest ring I’ve ever seen. And it’s mine. And he’s mine. I’m giddy. And so tired, I can barely think. Forgive me if this post makes next to no sense.


  1. Yay pretty diamonds!

    I feel a little like crud today. Wondering how you’re doin’…..


  2. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.

    Stupid me. Stupid. But tomorrow all will be good again. And Toby took care of me all night. So, oddly, I feel ok. Just so tired…


  3. btw, where DO they get their diamonds?

    and congrats!


  4. Yay! Congrats. That’s a good jeweler, too, so no worries.


  5. They come from a land down under.

    He told us a story about how they pulled a stone because of “shady practices” It made me happy to hear.


  6. they also come from Israel (aka, Palestine).


  7. A place that told you they had no way of knowing where there diamond came from was either flat out lying or was trying to sell you an uncertified diamond.

    Every certified diamond tells you where it came from. That was one of the things that I checked on when buying Melissa’s ring.


  8. Wheeeee!!! Yay for the new ring!

    I never cared much for diamonds, either. ‘Til I got one. And suddenly, you realize just how damn purdy they are. “Oooh, look how it sparkles next to the window…”


  9. Oh, and…

    Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got. She’s still Mihow from the block.


  10. woman, you just made tea come out of my mouth.

    and I’m not even drinking tea!

    (ok, that’s a lie. I am drinking tea).


  11. i used to sing “Toby from The Block” since I worked for the past couple of years at The Chopping Block, but then they dissed me in the new Communication Arts, so it’s all about East Coast – East Coast violence from here on out.


  12. By the way – they are TOTALLY Biggie. I’m a much hotter and thinner 2Pac, ya know.

    ATL reprazent. Watch your back, Biggie.


  13. I think your next tattoo should say “Thug Life” across your stomach, Toby. What’dja think?


  14. more like eazy-e, tupac was tall.


  15. “We really have no way of knowing that.”

    What the hell? Do they get their shipments under the veil of dark, dark night, in the alleyway from a bunch of people wearing ski-masks? That’s the stupidest bunch of crap I’ve ever heard.

    I’ve never even thought of asking where the diamonds come from. Good thing I’ve never needed to buy any. Now, if I ever do, I’m asking.

    And congratulations! You must take a picture when it’s ready, and make us all very jealous! :D


  16. yay mihow! YAY for guiltfree bling!

    I’m so impressed that you thought to ask about the source; robert is totally correct.

    You’ll notice the rainbows at the craziest times, like on the ceiling of the car while your hand is on the wheel, and it will make you smile.

    Or, if you’re MacGyver, you can use it to punch your way out of a car that’s flipped over the bridge railing and get to safety, and that’s pretty cool too. =)


  17. damn he said i was like biggie? shit son you best step back, or i’ll sit on you bitch.


  18. Not to mention those De Beers ads make my head want to explode.


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