CSI Reprazent

You know what? You were wrong about the meaning of the word ‘retard’. It means to ‘hinder’ or to ‘hold back’. I think we can both safely say that your life is about to become retarded.


  1. Yes, finally, the spirit of Jerry Orbach of Law & Order has taken control of the wit of the cast of CSI.


  2. That guy, jerry, is such a dork. Why does he think he’s so witty? He sounds silly. Don’t they realize this? Or are there people who actually still laugh with him?

    I just don’t get it.

    The retard comment was pretty funny, I must admit.


  3. the retard comment was so funny because, as usual, the CSI guy was talking so slowly and flatly that it seemed to take forever, so you really didn’t know EXACTLY what he was gonna finish it with.

    sort of the exact opposite of the news teaser that followed here in DC, where the newscaster spoke so quickly it was freakish, saying “a car slid on the ice flipped over and burst into flames. the driver is dead.”

    the entire sentence was uttered in about half a second, and, while the last sentence was tragic, it was funny to hear someone speed-read the teleprompter, given the content…

    the speed with which we speak is like all other things: only good in moderation.


  4. I laughed and then felt bad for laughing and apologized for doing so. Did anyone else catch this newscast?

    Toby, you actually let a bit out. It was this:

    “the car slid on ice, hit the rail, flipped over and fell down a snow bank, hit a tree and then burst into flames. The driver is dead.”


  5. I love the crap that Jerry Orbach says during Law and Order! I think my favourite line from him was, (if I can remember correctly) “The best idea you had, you left it swirling in the bowl.” Pure go-o-old!


  6. what, was the dude making muffins or something? i bet you wanted to lick that bown dry, right? RIGHT?!?


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