Today I was told to: (in under an hour—which really makes a designer cringe when they desperately want to make it realistic).
A). Scan in an image of Xena, Warrior princess
B). Scan in an image of the Boss’s neighbor
C). Superimpose said neighbor’s face onto Xena’s body.


  1. :: snerk ::

    Ah, the life of a graphic designer. Somewhere, in an abandoned AT&T building, is a full-size cutout/standee of Elvira, with my face on it.


  2. …oh..my..god..

    I work(ed) at a huge company where every person of the 700 was able to find us for shit like that. “oh make us a coevr of a tabloid about so-and-so who is leaving, that’s sooo fun!” – actual quote-)

    Thank the lord i was laid off, now they all feel bad for me and they don’t dare to ask me.. hehehe I’m guzzling cappucino’s for the next month and nothin’ else. ;-)


  3. i woulda figured you for a gin-and-juice type…


  4. We should start charging. I mean really, it’s not work, it’s personal stuff they include on top of your workload. So we should start charging hourly rates.

    And the funny thing is, is that most of the time, the work is most time-consuming as they want you to put their loved-one in some odd circumstance not possible.

    The other day, a guy who is selling his house, wanted me to put grass and bushes out front. That… was a fun job. :/


  5. Are these secret “Behind the Block” jokes?


  6. I am the “rolling down the street”type also but I don’t got no car. till then..no gin ‘n juice.


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