Simple Text

For weeks now I have been using a temporary copy of BBEdit which I downloaded when I first started here and it counts down the number of times one has left to use it. So I’m down to 5 (out of 20) and I sit here every day and when I get a job where I have to edit and/or write any html, I think to myself,

Is it worth opening BBEdit and using my last few tries?

I decide it can be done in SimpleText. And this is how I feel about using SimpleText compared to BBEdit: It’s like a black and white television, it works, you get it and everything but it’s just not the same as color.


  1. do you need to be hooked up ?


  2. Speaking of illegal activity…

    Yes. I may. I’ll keep you posted? Perhaps we can do the ‘ol switcheroo? I’ll let you know in a bit. After I figure out if I have it at home. :]


  3. we might have it. i’ll check tonight.


  4. oh shit sorry forgot to check back. lmk. if ya need it.


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