Bus talk

This morning I was on the bus. I take the S4 or the S2 to the end of the line. At the end of the line there are two stops, the first stop is closer to my office, the second one is a little bit further down the street. The first stop is the ideal spot and sometimes the bus driver doesn’t stop at this one but continues to the last one. Now, I don’t know why they do this I don’t know why there are two spots, one right after the other. Yes, it seems a bit pointless, but they’re both there, and so I choose to use the first option to my advantage. Today I was in the back of the bus and there were about 5 other folks there as well. Normally, I’m the only person left on the bus at this point so I can just personally ask the guy to stop. But today I decided I might just pull the cord, you know, just to let him know I would like to get off at the first stop and to not bother the other fine folks that early in the morning. Well, I stood up and I guess the guy across from me decided that his life just wasn’t enough for him, instead he wanted to interfere with mine as well. He says, smugly,

I think he knows that we need to stop here, I mean it is the end of the line. Sort of a given—donchya think?

I expect him to follow up with

I mean like NO DUH!

I looked at him, irritated. Should I explain? Should I let him know I’m not a total moron, nor am I a tourist, that I do this EVERY day? Is it worth it?

Oh, thanks.

I grab my things and leave.


  1. you should have said:

    “don’t try to be a smart ass unless you got your facts straight , mister. it is not the end of te line, there is one more stop.

    boo yaa!


  2. What an ass. You were just being polite to the driver. I see people just stand behind the driver and expect him/her to stop with out ringing the bell. Then when she doesn’t stop they freak out. You are just more courteous than the rest of the assholes out there.


  3. Bus act surprises me. I think people tend to be nicer below ground. At least in DC. In NYC they were rude everywhere. But that makes sense. I mean, it is stinky and the subways suck.

    Not sure what my point is.

    Your bus story, Nico, still wins. Holy crap.


  4. Kick him in the ‘nads. That’ll learn him.


  5. Riding the bus system in DC for one year caused me to belive that a small percentage of the population was shit. There was no saving them, they were pure evil shits.


  6. What if he has no gonads? Hmmmmm? You can’t assume that every man walking the streets has a pair of gonads.

    Damn Missy! DAMN!


  7. Robert, I am sort of lucky as my line is the “richer” line. I know that sounds shitty but it’s true. I was on the more down and dirty bus the other day, the one that goes though Adam’s Morgan and was shocked by some of its patrons. Holy cow, they were rude. I’ll stick to the Silver Spring line indeed.

    Nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever compare to the Greenpoint Brooklyn, B61 bus. Holy sweet cow that one was horrid.


  8. That last comment sounded shitty. The rich, assholes have their moments as well.

    I wish to take that last comment back and buy everyone donuts.


  9. ok you can send one bavarian cream donut to:

    Arjen Noordeman
    Some street
    The Netherlands



  10. I hate people like that. I probably would’ve said something smart-assed right back at him, and it would’ve probably bothered me for too long than what it’s worth. You did the right thing, and just ignored him.


  11. sorry! off topic, but I am desparate:

    Do any of you guys know what this typeface is from “the sixth sense”? or somethig similar? especially the “E” is so specific I haven’t been able to find it. Thanks!!!


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