Meetings that are ok

Meetings that are ok:

1. Where you leave and they’ve just ordered you a $3,000.00 computer.
2. Where you’ve been told to take 4 days off between now and the end of the year or you’ll lose the days and that sucks.
3. Where you’ve been signed up for two classes: Flash 2 and Director.

Sometimes, meetings are ok.


  1. Wow. Good stuff. My last meeting was our bosses saying, “By the way, we can’t make payroll past December.”

    Ah well. I remember when I was at AT&T and we would have “good” meetings – come out with a new computer, some training, free lunch. Those were the days.


  2. :[ I’m sorry, Freakgirl. I have a knack for jumping ship right before it goes down. It’s takes the form of “luck” when in reality it’s just good-timing.

    Things will be good again. And if not, you can come live with me and Toby and our two cats.


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