Stinky update

Today I brought in a toothbrush and some toothpaste. And a hairbrush. They’re not related, ‘cept that they all belong in a bathroom, but I’m gonna try and appear “fresher”. Toby said I don’t stink so that’s good. He said the guy was probably just being nice and offering me a mint. I need to relax. Last night I finally purchased the Eminem cd. And I forgot the thing at home. I am so annoyed. Toby, if you’re out there, give it a listen and then write me and rub it in. Tell me how good it is.
Coming soon, to a theater near you… (I really need to get some kind of a life).


  1. HAHAHA….that is not a stunt double, that really is my ass. ;)

    I’m just sayin’….if you love someone, you should love everything about them. Even when they hafta fart.

    Great, now I’m going to be known as “Farty Fart Fart Fart” on this site.

    Are you talking about the 8 mile cd? Yeah, I own that one, too. Good stuff. They have a newspaper here in the D that calls Em “The Prince of The City.” Crazy Detroiters. I loved that they made fun of Cranbrook. :)


  2. Toby loved that too. He can’t’ wait till Arjen sees it. :]

    So funny.

    You’re farty fart fart, I have the stinkiest feet this side of Saturn. It’s all good.


  3. Even if they were talking about Cranbrook High School (it’s like, $18K a year for your kid to go there). I knew a NYC-er that went to school at the art school, and he called it a minimum security prison. A very fancy-pants one at that.


  4. Ok, since we’re on the subject of 8 mile…my friends and I were wondering if non-Detroiters (or those unfamiliar with the area) would appreciate or understand all those jokes. Like, if you didn’t know what Cranbrook was, would you just be like, “Huh?”

    There are these billboards for the movie up on 8 mile, and it just makes me wonder if old people, who have no idea about the movie, are wondering, “Why are they telling me on a billboard what street we’re on?”

    I’ll shut up about the movie now.


  5. My good friend, Gina goes there now. I miss her. :[

    I think I told you this already though. oooops.


  6. hey! My friend Maya and I were talking about this on (on “discuss”) anyway, funny thing is: the school isn’t all that fancy, the art school that is. it costs “only 14.5 k a year (compare that to parsons or yale) and our facilites were CRAPPY!. Also, IMO it compares better to a monastery than to a prison, it’s all about how you experience it.

    BUT the middleschool and highschool I believe cost TWICE what we paid a year. That is one pricy Hiskool man!
    No admittance w/o SUV.

    I can’t wait to see 8 Mile either, eminem saying the wrod “cranbrook” is just too f’-in perfect. no matter what he says about it. And the title track is dope.

    Anyways, go vote heh heh:


  7. heh heh. thanks! isn’t voting fun, I’ll vote about anything, I just like the sheer act of it. lol.

    btw. I checked my local listings but “MEGAN, She bleep” is not playing in my area. ???

    Bummer man, first 8 mile, now this!
    I live in the Backwoods!


  8. Haha…apparently the word “Fart” is a profanity in europe. heh. Why do I keep feeling the need to let y’all know that I do not make it a practice to do that in public?

    Arjen, I gave you my own 2 cents on your site, too.


  9. heyyy thanks. checked it and followd up already. yep u guessed it: another CRAZY MAD BUSY day at work. Assets are late again, y’all know what that’s like, you get your shit done on time and then the next client pretends u don’t have a schedule.

    PS. fart is not a profanity I just like to say bleep ;-)


  10. michele, that shit is funny as shit.


  11. Arjen, you can find “Megan” near you. “Megan” is every where.

    Which reminds me of something Toby once said when we were out for dinner on night. We were sitting outside and suddenly a HORRIBLE odor hit our face I said,

    “God DAMN I wonder who that was?!”

    Looking for the nearest, ugly man.
    He nodded toward the tiny, super thin girl right next to us (who’s back was to us) and said,

    “Totally her. It’s always the small girls who aren’t used to digesting good solid food, let alone actually eating it…. Deadly.”


  12. Oh sweet jesus. My name is now synonymus with farting. No one who ever reads this site will ever name their baby girls “Megan.” My name is going to go extinct. Help.

    And the skinny girls fart the deadliest, it’s so true.


  13. I made a few phone calls and the multiplex promised they would let “8 mile” go in favor of “Megan, She bleeps”

    and another thing, what’s the deal w/ the “” idea? i thought it was a good plan.


  14. Sweeeeet. I’m going to be so famous!
    See ya, suckaz….


  15. Arjne, I will have it up this weekend for certain. Tobyjoe just helped me out with switching DNS servers or whatever the hell it is. :]


  16. kewl! see, I was starting to think that I had misinterpreted a cynical joke or something, i happens to me on occassion :-)

    anyhoo. I would be totally down for a fontographer/fontlab/typedesign board as well.


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