I’m in an angry mood. I wasn’t earlier, but now I am. It appears some freelance relationships just aren’t meant to be. I’m beginning to realize that I should probably try and focus on the “real” job instead of trying to please everyone as I think I’m beginning to wear myself thin. Which, in turn, does a number on my self-esteem, leading me into thinking things like,

I suck


I can’t handle anything.

Two things which (deep inside) I know aren’t true. But when someone sends an email filled with ideas like,

You really should have…


Well, we really needed it last night…

I begin to question what it is I’m good at. Perhaps it’s time to get a little bit more stern… learn how to say “No” and call it a day. I don’t know. Really, tell me, is money really that important? What a sad bunch of humans most of us are. This could be the beginning of the end, a beginning I thought started a year ago.


I am not a secure enough person to handle this work-lecture shit. So what to do instead? Perhaps it’s time to turn my back.


  1. It’s okay to say, “No”, and “There’s no possible way to have this done this week. I have other commitments.” You shouldn’t feel guilty.


  2. Yeah. Thing is, I got myself into this mess so really, ultimately, I have only myself to blame for any negativity. Then again, the company in question hasn’t really every played this game all too “fairly.”

    (Watch me here try and be diplomatic in what I say).


  3. Learn to say no.

    Stop blaming yourself for everything, girl! It’s over and done with. Maybe you made a small error in judgement, but it sounds like they reacted like assholes.

    You are talented and cool. You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and goddammit, people like you.


  4. 4 words:
    you are not alone.

    I have come to say stuff like:


  5. I just sent an email back explaining my frustration and that they are not my only business. I find it entirely strange that certain clients (like the one in question) treat a business relationship much like they would a relationship; You’re not to be dating anyone else, they’re the only person in your life, etc. It’s freakish and I’m fed up with it.


  6. Yeah, being upfront with your clients is always good. Not saying you weren’t, since I don’t know the situation, but…always give an estimated timeline, and go later than earlier, ‘cause it’ll burn you in the end.
    Not that you didn’t already know this. Ok, I’ll shuddup now. I gotta learn my friend’s motto that ‘work’s for chumps.’


  7. rant on, sweet sister. It’s ok. :]

    Sometimes I fear them so much I shut up and agree to shit. No more. Nope.


  8. amen to that megan, and to add to that, sometimes it’s good to charge rush fees, to make them understand that sleep and sparetime come more expensive.


  9. I totally agree with Arjen, ‘cause it happens to me all the time, being on the account side of things. And then I have to be the one to tell our client that we’re being charge for rush delivery, and then they hate me. It’s a vicious circle.


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