Figuring out the bill

And if you think that the whole figuring out what people owe when the bill comes goes away when you reach a certain age…. it does not. It only gets worse. And if said older people involved do indeed work in your accounting department, still it’s not made any easier. In fact, it’s worse as every darn penny they did not eat matters.
I figured we could just split the massive bill between all 9 individuals even though I hadn’t any wine or after dinner treats, but this was not to be toyed with. This communistic approach was trashed instantly. Money was counted. Heads were shook. People became restless. Bill came up short. In the end it was the folks like myself who threw in five more dollars, five more dollars towards the freedom to have a long overdo, afternoon pee.


  1. i cant stand that….
    people making things like that so complicated…
    i think it comes from waiting tables, and getting annoyed at tables of 5 or more who all wanted seperate tickets because it was to hard to figure out how much money they just spent….


  2. Man, I hate that crap. I always try to pitch in equally – knowing that sometimes I’ll probably pay more than I should, and sometimes I might pay less than I should.


  3. I’ve got to disagree. I don’t want to pay for other people’s expensive tastes, especially when I order specifically to save money.


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