After a back and forth for about half an hour and after spending an entire 24 hours thinking I was going to see “The Ring” tonight, we just purchased two tickets to see “Bowling for Columbine” at Dupont Circle because we didn’t want to wander around Chevy Chase all night. So, that said, I’m sure I’ll have a lot of crap to stir up tomorrow going to see a Michael Moore film and all. (I hope you Moore haters don’t hate me). :] I see everything. I rarely discriminate. Thou shall not judge thy cinema. G’night.


  1. dammit, i wish there was someplace in annapolis showing bowling for columbine…

    i would think it would get banished to the theatre by my apartment, but it’s not (they’re STILL showing my big
    greek wedding! they’ve been showing it since fucking august)…


  2. There goes the inheritance!!! Better start your own financial planning. And the price for your cats just went up!


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