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Coke or Pepsi? I have exactly 1.90 to last me all day and I must have a caffeinated beverage. And the coffee around these parts is too rich for my blood. I’m trying to get the bang out of my buck-ninety. It appears, that after tobyjoe borrowed my credit card last night, he forgot to place the wallet back into the pocket leaving me sans cash of any kind, cept for this lovely pocket of change. (I will make him make it up to me, I will). So, that said, I’m gong to have a coke for breakfast and hopefully that will keep my vitamins from making me feel ill. But which do you prefer, Pepsi or Coke. Me? Coke all the way. I also rather like what Subaru did with the new Baja/Brat. While I don’t plan on going out to buy a yellow Baja, I think the designers of the new car did a decent job at NOT making it entirely ugly. I think it fits the look of the current Volkintosh Nation. And, my last great question for the day is… morning or night? Dawn or dusk? I prefer morning to night and dawn to dusk. Dusk scares me. It still means coming in from playing outside and facing evil monsters while I try and sleep. Yes, night demons. That is all for now. I will FINALLY have pictures in a few…


  1. Ooo…fun time questions. I’m a fan of regular Coke, but Diet Pepsi. And I don’t know what you’re smoking to think the new Baja is cute…didn’t we learn from El Camino? But all those hybrid cars are kinda fugly to me. I rarely ever see dawn, and if I do, it’s because of work…something I hate. So, I prefer dusk because it means getting out my nighttime party pants and clothes. Yeah, I like to shake it.

    If you have a little cafeteria downstairs in your building, I wonder if they’ll let you do an “IOU”…our building does, but it’s a small mom and pop shop. I’d lend you some cash if I could.


  2. Too easy:

    1) coke all the way. whats pepsi anyway? its not coke so what IS it?

    2) that ve-hic-le puts me off in a bg way. don’t know why xactly. It made me say yuckie out loud.

    3) I am a total Creature f the night. Getting up early is still murder to me every single day. I also make my best work at night, after 10 or so into the AM.

    ps. I love quizzes during work time.


  3. tough crowd with the baja, yo.

    Yeah, i see what you’re both saying, I mean it’s a car and a truck, so it’s odd already. But let’s say a client came to you and said,

    “I want a car. A car, yes. A car that will go through the ‘car lane’ on the highway. But I want it to be a truck as well. Can you make it both?”

    In the case of the clients wants… how do you think they did this time around?



  4. BUT !!!!! Don’t you dare comparng that dinky toy knock off to the ever so classic El Camino Megan! Don’t you know you have the hottest ride at the tailgate party with one of those beauties?


  5. I think it’s just a spinoff of the whole Truck/Suv hybrid phenomenon. A cheap, Subaru rip off. Buy American, kids. ;)

    It just looks like a low-rider that are going to be souped up with neon lights along the rim. I guess there’s a need for that, but I’m just not a fan.

    It just gives me nightmares about El Camino.


  6. Just because Brad Pitt told you that El Camino is “cool” in that movie w/ him and Julia Roberts, doesn’t mean it actually is. ;)


  7. 1- PEPSI!

    2- i LIKE the damn baja. it’s got enough car type stuffs to be comfy looking and okay. and it has enough space in the back to carry two bikes so i wouldn’t have to keep shoving mine into the back seat of my car and having to have everyone who wants to go on a group ride (as my family is prone to do) take their own car for it…


  8. furthermore: the mexican (the aforementioned brad pitt/julia roberts/james gandolfini flick) was damn good, IMHO…

    i always think “brad pitt, oh he sucks” but then i do the math and on one hand you have meet joe black and interview with a vampire. and on the other you have fight club, 12 monkeys (you hear that, michele, MONKEYS!) and the mexican. so in the end it sort of balances out…

    that beard he was growing for a while though? that was just wrong…


  9. Somewhere in here there’s an odd little full circle about Julia and a Bratt (Benjamin) and Brad Pitt. but that’s just how my brain works…. And I’m not really sure what I’m saying because I think the mention of MONKEYS threw me off.


  10. Nifkin, you’re the hippie, you big freak.


  11. i’ll hippie you you pottery learning hippie!


  12. ha ha..nifkin got you on that one.


  13. megan. i dont watch brad pitt movies. if i had heard him say el caminos were cool I had stopped thinking they were cool. so thanksss. no i have to go hate el caminos. dream crusher.


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