XB is done

Woke up sort of blue today. Not sure why. It’s raining and it’s Thursday, I shouldn’t be blue, but I am. I got word in that the place I used to work for, who I have continued to work for, and who I thought I would continue to work for from here, hired a new designer. And that really doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is that they didn’t tell me. I think they wanted to just ignore me until I finally just “got the picture”. Well, thankfully, a friend I still have there, gave me the inside scoop so not to depend on their possible future income. I can’t say I am surprised, I have known this company to be rude and thoughtless for years now. Their ability to surprise me, surprises me. Their lack of professionalism and a conscience surprises me, but this? It doesn’t really surprise me. Anyhow, that’s gone and dead, so I have some freed up time to freelance. If anyone has anything, here’s one fairly decent designer, who can meet deadlines and (occasionally, not always) make you laugh. :]


  1. Speaking of freelancing…

    I’m lazy so I’ve probably been in possesion of this for some time – I’ve got lots o’ mail for you. Give me your address so I can send you some potentially important stuff, including one that said something like ‘pay to the order of,’ but it may have been a mass mailing (given your permission, I shall open it and discover).

    And speaking of absolutely nothing related (though dad said it yesterday), I think we should refer to momhow as mihowma.


  2. You have permission to open any of my mail. Indeed.

    Ryan, what are your plans in the up-coming weekends? I want to come your way for a day or two. I’m gunna take a trip to see Nico in Philly and might like to pop on over since it’s well, right there and all and I have this “floating holiday” i have to take before December something….


  3. And I was wrong, my exboss has written to me telling me I am still very much needed for the print work there. So that’s good news. I think. hehe


  4. This weekend: sleep, college football, stupid annoying weekend chores, and Kim, if she chooses to visit.

    Next weekend: her birthday. Don’t know what city it’ll occur in.

    Weekend after: see this weekend.

    Weekend after that: see this weekend.

    Can’t you tell how exciting my life is?


  5. You could come down and pet some of our cute little roaches…. interested? eh?


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