You know what I love? I love Velveeta Mac and Cheese and BBQ potato chips. I love them. Both of them. I can crave them daily. I am this: Trash. :]


  1. mihow ran out of space in the session.savepath (/tmp)

    she’s THAT popular.


  2. Welcome back tobyjoe! Want to buy some pussycats?


  3. I can’t stand the Velveeta M&C, yet I love the Kraft M&C…the kind with the powdered cheese. It’s even better if it’s been refrigerated as leftovers and then reheated.

    I’ve also discovered a fondness for cheetos. Who eats food that is safety-orange in color? And what does that do to your insides?


  4. I like BLT pizza. They put mayo on the pizza. How gross is that? But it’s so so goooooood.

    Mihow = 2 cool 4 school.

    I want a kittie. Send the
    one to Detroit. We’ll dress him up like a football player for halloween. A little Gilbert Brown Packer Jersey. Adorable.


  5. Oh, missy, don’t get me wrong, I love that kind as well. Yum, kraft.


  6. My opinion on macaroni and cheese? Is that you just can’t go wrong. Generic, brand name, powder mix, velveeta liquid cheese, white, orange…it’s all good to me.

    For some fun-filled nostalgia, mihow, grab a veggie-dog, boil it up and cut into pieces. Mix with the mac and cheese. Watch cartoons and smile.


  7. ah yes, ask Tobyjoe about my adventures with not dogs and mac and cheese. Oh, wait, he doesn’t visit here anymore becuase he’s a poopy-pants man.


  8. I painted one of my living room walls the color of Kraft macaroni and cheese this weekend – it was a mistake.

    PS How are you?


  9. NICO!!!!

    there you are!

    And, of course, you made me laugh. I’ll come visit before you repaint. (if you repaint?) Does it make you hungry? Add pepper. When are you free?

    Email me, I have your address but it’s on a disc somewhere and lord knows where that is right now. :)


  10. i got my share of trash love:

    -33 ct pack o’ noname cookies for coffee dipping
    -NACHOS and HOT dogs at the ballpark
    -swedish fish
    -hot tamales
    -tootsie rolls


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