1. What? No butts? Couldn’t you tell them apart or something?


  2. ha!

    They were so dark, yuppie. I had to leave them out.

    Maybe later I will post Toby’s butt. And you’re right, they were hard to tell apart.


  3. I noticed yuppie focused more on the player on the other table!!!!
    He must have a thing for foreign chicks.


  4. I think I have stated on these boards before that I do have an raging Asian fetish. I do not back down from that statement, espeically in light of my apt becoming more asianized in the past month.

    Woah, something just clicked.

    Michele tried to take out the (white) guy with that girl with her pool cue.

    Aw, were you trying to eliminate the competition for me?


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