I feel a bit better today. Still freaked out. (bear with me). I had a strange dream last night. It sounds so silly in the retelling but it actually really bothered me at the time. Now it just makes me laugh. It’s sort of like this…
I was living with my girlfriend. We had another roommate as well and she says to me

“Hey, tonight I think I’m going to sleep in “name’s” room

(the other roommate). She does and they get it on and then they throw a huge party (all in the same night). People start showing up out of nowhere and they’re playing loud music and drinking. And I’m so upset. Sad because my girlfriend just slept with our roommate and because I hate big parties. A gay guy (I worked with when I first moved here who I barely knew but tried to hang out with some), shows up and starts screaming at me. Saying terrible things about how I never hung out with him and no one really ever liked me and that I smell. (?!) So I left.

As I was leaving the party, I saw people carrying Nico’s furniture up the stairs. And then I saw Nico and said

Hey, you might not want to go up there, they’re having a party and my girlfriend is sleeping with people.

And I met Ryan (my brother) and we went and sat on the beach and watched and waited for whales. It was dusk. Only the beach was along a canal and we sat on a bench beneath a streetlamp.


  1. Given what I know as historical evidence in your life, it’s pretty telling. Wondering whom you can trust, wondering why people make decisions that may not agree with what you think/believe. I’m sure it has something to do with nervousness surrounding the relative upheaval about to take place moving & new job).

    I dunno. I don’t want to work today, so I’m just going to comment on blogs all day long.


  2. WOOP!

    It’s by far the most straight-foward dream I have had in a while. The last one really startled me. Ah well. :)


  3. It’s obvious what the dream means. The most serene time of the dream – the whale-watching – was with me. That means, in NYC. And the canal – the East River. The bench – the balcony on my bitchin’ upper east side apartment.

    Well….. maybe I’ll let you come visit it in a few years.


  4. Toby said “Was there lesbian sex in the dream?”

    I said, “No”

    He said “Well then the dream doesn’t really matter.”


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