1. I think that last one is “pensive Toby.”

    Or maybe “constipated Toby.”


  2. Speaking of the Many Faces of Toby, have you ever been to the Eric Conveys an Emotion site? If you’re bored, it’s a good way to kill some time.


  3. I have been there. You showed it to me. But the rat bastard ignored my perfectly easy request for “The O face” about 2 years ago.

    I’m just kidding. I am not angry. He gets much.

    Perhaps Toby can do an O Face for us. Indeed.


  4. so waaaaait a fucking minute.

    the majority of those are ME.

    and you’re sick of the SAME OLD SAME OLD?

    oh, boy, are you in for a beating now.

    ((switching to angry bucktoothed bunnyrabbit toby))


  5. You big freak. You MADE THE CUT! The other ones, from this morning were the ones that I am bored with. Subway cars. people. blah blah blah

    YOU ARE HERE! Freak.

    I love your cute little face.


  6. After seeing the rat photo, I starting humming your photo caption to the Loudon Wainwright tune: Dead Skunk (in the middle of the highway). Please make the song stop.


  7. I never approved of my photo being posted. If I ever see you around greenpoint, I’m going to kick your ass polish style!


  8. Yuppie, that wasn’t you.

    It was A DEAD RAT.

    Can’t you read?



  9. The dead rat looked better than me.

    And thanks for posting… the only reason I commented was so we would have triple 7’s for the comments. We were all in for such amazing amounts of fortune, but you had to go and ruin it all.


  10. And see? Now I must post again to keep it at an odd number.


  11. See? freaky number things run in the family indeed.


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