This morning a woman boarded the B 61. She was around 40. Hippie-like and had big blond, long curly

This morning a woman boarded the B 61. She was around 40. Hippie-like and had big blond, long curly hair. She sat down on an outside seat. (I wish people would just move in if the bus is full). But that’s not the point. An elderly man came on at the end of the line. He stood there, looking at her. Just looking. He didn’t say anything, so that was strange, but I just assumed he wanted her to either get up or move over. No big deal, right? Well, she yells,

WHAT?! Do you want to sit down are are you just creepy staring at me and shit! DAMN!

He wanders back and sits elsewhere. It was an odd little morning correspondence. I think she needed coffee or something.


  1. I think we all just need a group hug.


  2. The patchouli may have knocked you out. I’m not so sure I wanted to hug her. She was a mean hippie. Who ever heard of a mean hippie? That bitch.

    “What the world

    needs now….

    is love

    sweet love.

    that’s the only thing that there’s just

    too little of.”


  3. I know one mean hippie. But I think she’s faking being a hippie. She just likes the fashion. But her attitude is pure beeyotch.


  4. she needed a fucking kick in the neck, not coffee.


  5. so…did she get struck by lightning at braod daylight right in the bus?


  6. “What the world needs now is another folk singer like I need a hole in the head”

    5 points to the first person to name that group.

    I agree with Toby. I will never forget holding open the giant heavy door to Sparks building on PSU for a girl following behind me. She yelled at me that she was capable of holding her own damn door and caused quite the scene, so I started going in and tried holding it open as I walked in but she stood there with her arms crossed until the door closed. I was only 19 at the time so I just walked away, but it is one of those moments I would love to have back.

    Funny thing is Michele, Grandma was visiting then and I told her the story and she said to keep holding doors open, cause that’s how they brought me up. That’s always stuck with me.


  7. hmm courtesy versus feminism
    that should be quite the showdown eh?
    I always hold doors open and let ladies go first too, my grandma is just like that :-)


  8. Ladies like it. Fuck that Women’s study majoring hoochie mama bitch. She has it all wrong. All wrong.


  9. plus theres something extremely powerful about politeness. if someone is being a rude ass turd and you stay polite (or hold the door fopen for her),…ha you’ve got the last laugh.!


  10. I think she was talking to me, Dutch boy. :) She’s from Jersey. They’re like that there.


  11. oh yeah them jersey people. I am proud to say I a know a few of ‘em. lol.


  12. Yeah, if my 30 year old self could be placed back in that situation, I would have just stood there with the door open letting everyone else in. Battle of the wills. And I would have done it with a huge grin because I know it would have eaten her up inside.

    Michele, one of my favorite stories about you is still the Womyn’s Study class you took where the MAN teaching it wanted to fail you because of the presentation you did. I was damn proud when you told me that.


  13. that just cracked me up, that w-s story


  14. Keep holding doors open is right. I read too many studies for my own good, but I recently read that America’s getting more rude. So fuck off all of yous!


  15. No, freakgirl was answering the question to the song lyric I posted.

    If she had posted “cracker ass cracker”, that would have been to you.

    Okay, bonus point time:

    The lead singer of Cracker fronted another band before that. What was it?


  16. Camper van Beethoven

    What did I win?


  17. The right to come down and help Melissa and I paint the new townhouse. Congrats!!!

    Plus, the bonus of having “Pictures of matchstick men” running through your head for the rest of the day.


  18. we’ll come help you paint.

    i will, anyway.

    because i’m polite.

    and just like the polite thing to do on the bus was to kick the hippie in the neck, the polite thing to do here is to offer my incredibly artistic talent.

    hell, i’ll write a script to paint your house.

    for(int i=0;i<numWalls;i++){


  19. Never ever ever put ANYTHING into your ear. Never.

    ::shakes head::


  20. You should hold doors open for men and women. It’s polite, not patronising.


  21. unless you say, “Come on, gimpy. I have the door, douche-bag.”

    then it IS patronizing.

    and TOTALLY what rob should have said to the Judith Butler fanclub member.


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