Paint by numbers

Man, I ain’t gunna lie, I am so tired. My head is spinning and I want to sleep and my body aches. I just want to stay home and watch movies beneath the hum of my 250 dollar air-conditioner. I want to not be bothered with drifting in and out of consciousness, and I want to not worry about getting up from bed. So tired. If it were raining, working would feel criminal. Ouch. I’m not ready to play (today). Not at all. It’s hard doing the same thing day in, day out when you realize how little a difference your roll in work week makes. My job is paint by numbers. I don’t even have any extra colors I can mess it up with, it’s just what you get in that box the day you buy it from the local five and dime. I want to do something better with this part of my life. Any ideas? :)

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