Beth Orton

I saw the Beth Orton video for “Stolen Car” at the gym today and it annoyed me. What the hell was/is the concept? Damn woman! It’s like she just wanted to appear pouty for 4 minutes. I dunno. Why hasn’t the concept of “the video” died yet? Jeesh, they’re all just steps below goofy (imo). And what’s up with this concept of women having their houses taken apart. I saw two like that today. Hmmmm.


  1. You saw the Dido video for “Thank You,” too, didn’t you? I’m so sorry.


  2. To you I say this:

    HA HA HA!!!


    I love that song. (I’m silly and girly sometimes) but wtf?!


  3. I sometimes like to change the words to, “And Iiiiiiii like to thank you, for giving me the best layyyyy of my liffe.”

    I’m dirty. But I bet the guy I’d like to sing it to would enjoy hearing that, no matter how girlie the song.


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