Road to perdition

We finally saw Road to Perdition last night. I enjoyed it muchly. It was taken from a graphic novel, which was so well worked into the art direction. You could see each how each scene may have been taken from an ink drawing. I was impressed mostly by that. I love it when you fixate on the stills which make up the motion. I truly enjoy this. This film, in particular, makes it really easy to spot. (This is called “Art Direction” right?). So nicely done. And the acting was amazing, as one might expect. It has Oscar Nominations written all over it. Overall a great film. Truly.
We returned home late. I went pretty much straight to bed after watching Friends at 11, part of my usual nightly downshift routine into sleep. I’m curious, however, does anyone know who was booted off American Idol? (Yes, oddly I care). And today I have some pictures. Indeed. Not many, but some. :)


  1. I didn’t see it last night, but it looks like AJ Gill was booted.


  2. Somehow we figured as much. He sort of was lame.


  3. Oh he was lame. Very lame. What a loser.


  4. A.J. is gone.

    And Paula Abdul should be slapped. She actually embarasses herself more each show.

    She gushed as usual over every contestant, and Simon called her on it.

    she replied “You were breast fed by your

    Not sure what the hell that means.


  5. She doesn’t seem so sharp.

    And that reminds me, why does everyone hate Simon so much? He’s the only honest person on that damn show. It’s perplexing. I generally agree with him, i do.


  6. heh, that should have said I HEART Simon.


  7. hehe, within the email it was correct. So here I was trying to figure out why one was capped and the other wasn’t.

    What do you mean HEART him? Why not just heart him?

    Anyhow, that probably makes no sense, and that’s ok. I stopped making sense when I forgot to do the wafting motion in 6th grade science lab.


  8. yes, it’s called art direction. but don’t forget the cinematographer. fuck the director, stupid directors…blah blah story blah blah acting.


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