Ghost of a Woman

We’re now artists. Yep. Bought some pencils and some drawering paper and some erasers and some sharpeners and some rulers. So we’re artists. Indeed. I dug out a book last night I bought when I was 19. There is an old Japanese carving I once saw at a museum called, “Ghost of a Woman” and I used to want it so badly as a tattoo but I wasn’t sure it would translate from photo to skin, so I put it aside. Anyway, I dug it out and I was flipping through in order to show the image to Toby, and I read the story about the sculpture (it’s a great story), and just like that my desire for it is back. Toby thinks it might be possible after all. With a few tweaks and a few changes, and the right artist, it might just work out. Look at me, I haven’t even healed from the last two and already I am planning this one. It’s contagious, I tell ya. Truly.
In this book, there are other sculptures as well. There is one of a dog, aka


. I saw it this morning while on the bus. And I wanted to let Resa know, she wasn’t crazy. :) That is all. I must get to work now.
(edited [see comments]: NO dog! A CAT!—Neko means cat).


  1. No more tattoos and that’s final!!!! I’ll begin to think about cutting you out of the inheritance. Yuppie and rob will now encourage you to get many more ugly, skin deforming TATTOOS!!!!!! OH THE HUMANITY OF IT ALL!


  2. Not to be a smartass…but…. Neko means cat in Japanese. Sometimes cats in Japanese art look dog-y, kinda roly-poly. Or not.

    You know those cute waving cats in Japanese restaurants? Those are called maneki-neko. They are supposed to rake in the cash for businesses.


  3. Shit, that’s what I meant. I suck.

    Thanks, Nico.


  4. OOPS!! I suck.

    Thanks, Nico. You would know best.

    scbob, ASS YOU!!!


  5. I am getting “MIHOW” tattooed across my forehead. scbob, it’s to match the “FREAKGIRL” tattoo Mihow got yesterday. :)


  6. It’s on my ass, freakgirl. My ass. Do you not remember ANYTHING?!



  7. Somewhere in here, there’s a good joke about “I’ll give you a match – my forehead and your ass,” but I think that it will reflect badly on me, so nevermind.


  8. mihow, thanks for trying….



  9. minasan wa baka desu yo


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