Wow. I am not sure what to say, as I told folks to buy this crap. Toby gets sick and we’re eating this every night prior? I just wonder sometimes. This is SO SHADY! A big plus on being a vegetarian is knowing what it is you are ingesting. This is just bullshit. (Thanks Nifkin for the link).


  1. Interesting. Have Toby eaten it since he got sick?


  2. Not that I’m aware of, no. I’m sort of annoyed about this. I have to admit.

    They even have a form to fill out for those who were sick from it.

    So annoying. People should think something other than dollar signs and speed.


  3. it’s ALL i ate when i first got ill…

    the entire time i couldn’t eat anything, Quorn was there for me…

    i’m sure it didn’t cause any problems (after all, it’s only a fungus), but you never know…


  4. toby: you did notice on the ingredient list that it’s made with reconstituted egg whites, didn’t you?…

    the chicken nuggets are marked as having some sort of dairy ingredient as well…


  5. and the form is put up by these people who are all angry at quorn, not the actual quorn people. they’re fishing for more propaganda…


  6. those aren’t from real eggs. they’re from swamp mucus.

    just like the rest of it.


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