Virgin Megastore

Punchy. I drank too much white wine last night. And here’s some advice never ever go to the Virgin Megastore on Union Square when you’re tipsy. Just say no to Virgin. I walked out of there 75 dollars poorer, with Chasing Amy and Looper under one arm, and Jerry Maguire under the other. All because Toby hadn’t seen Jerry Maguire and I loved Chasing Amy and he hadn’t seen it since it was released in the theater. Then there’s that damn Ikea ad (halfway down, called “Suntan”). It shows before any NYC movie and so I just had to have the Looper cd. Good times. Poor. But good. But I’m feeling punchy today. So it’s off the booze again for mihow. At least for a while. And now I must eat my bagel.


  1. Speaking of ads, have you seen the “movie” ads for Target that they have in the NYC subway system yet? As the train moves bye, the walls of the subway “show” an ad for Target. Kinda like a flip book works.

    Saw it on the news, just wanted to know if you’ve seen them yet.


  2. I saw that on the news as well

    I think it’s only on the Path right now. If it “works” they’re going to move it to the subway.

    Good idea but jeesh, is nothing safe from advertising?

    next thing you know they’ll put it on our toilet paper.


  3. no nice ads for us cuz we take poor people trains. well, one poor people train (the G) and one act-poor-for-arts-sake train (the L).

    i’ve been itching to see this, as a 4th dimensional ad seems very curious to me.

    odd thing: are there any Targets in NYC? i don’t think I’ve ever seen one…


  4. Did you buy Chasing Amy on DVD? Listen to the commentary when you watch it sometime; it’s fucking hilarious.


  5. I will do just that. Yes, it’s on DVD. Good stuff? That’s exciting. :) Thanks freakgirl.

    Toby, I don’t think there are any Targets. Might be some in Jersey though.


  6. :: waving hands ::

    There is a Target by my house!!

    Anyway, the Chasing Amy DVD is hilarious for several reasons. The commentary is great because they all just pick on Ben. The extras are hosted by Ben and Kevin. Ben has the unfortunate predicament of having just gotten his teeth capped for Armageddon. So he looks like he has giant teeth compared to his normal ones in Chasing Amy. Plus he isn’t quite used to them, so he’s continually doing weird things with his mouth, a la Bababooey from Howard Stern.

    I know way too much about this. And look for the deleted intro scene that features my friend Bryan.


  7. really theres a target there? we looked for one one day, we even called the fone company ad they told us there wasn’t one in nyc. maybe its new. or the fone company lies, which is more likely.

    oh yeah and I rode the path train once, it smells and is ugly, wouldn’t that qualify as a poor peoples train then?


  8. was coincidentally(?!?) listening to looper … “quite happy burning flies”
    and, i’ve seen ghost dog last night, just to mention a film without ben affleck.a great movie…

    weather in rio: cloudy


  9. kick ass! On many levels, kick ass!

    I will practice my Spanish over at the lionlounge!


    Now I’m on to ACDC. Good friggin stuff.


  10. ok, but lionlounge is in PORTUGUESE :))
    wanna try?


  11. “Love is sitting right in front of you.” Best ad, Ikea or otherwise.


  12. damn

    I wondered about that. Looked again. Wondered again. And it looked almost familiar and then not so much.

    I’m sorry. :(

    It’s been years since I studied Spanish. I am very out of practice.


  13. I must officially apologise for being responsible for the absence of the Colca Cola mihow wanted to abate her hangover with this morning.
    I know she held it in her head as a promise of sugary salvation and it was cruelly denied her.

    It was in a nice glass bottle too.

    I will now play that famous Who track from the Rushmore soundtrack.

    (and try and find glass bottled coca cola…)


  14. I have to admit to being slightly annoyed by this. I think it’s residue from college when you had things removed from the kitchen or the bathroom or (on a really bad day) your room and you sort of wanted said thing. nearly craved it.

    I was probably better off with water any way. Wash away the wine.

    Don’t bother replacing the thing, it’s over now. My craving is gone. And I have one more here at work I got my eye on now.

    And it’s not in the fridge where it can be taken like the other stuff, so that’s good.

    yum, coke.


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