Back to work

Ouch. Rewind. No. Please.

(Enter nutshell)

We’re back and it’s cooler in New York City. Which is a good thing. Pennsyltukey was wonderful, I think it’s my favorite state. Home of lightening bugs, trees, mountains, and bagels and colleges, skunks and more mountains, snack foods, meat, pugs, clean air and a lot of silence—so much silence you can hear your ears. We had trouble finding foods to eat, so Toby wants to open a vegetarian restaurant in State College. We packed our bikes up and took them with us. Riding windy roads, met detour, carried bike over plastic, tarp covered bridge. I thought we might be arrested or fall through into a stream below. But the water in the mountains, though cold, won’t eat through flesh. So I relaxed a bit. There are no crazy cab drivers, there are no sudden jerky pedestrians, it’s quite lovely. I miss the country.

I got two tattoos. I finally introduced the needle to the arm. I have always wanted stars. I now have two stars. One is pink the other blue. They sort of hurt (only now) entering that uncomfortable scabbing period. I purchased some Lubriderm this morning to keep them moist.

We went to New Jersey on Saturday. Met up with Nico and George on the beach. Amazing seeing her again. She’s the Nico I remember from years ago only more refined and even cooler (something I didn’t think possible). I plan on making LBI a habit next time we play mini golf and ride water slides. (Next time, we pack our eats).

Bob took us out on the boat yesterday. Such a great day. We docked and had lunch on the bay. You weren’t able to see anything, visibility was next to nothing. Because of Canada. What a shock that is. I could smell Canada. How very odd.

(Exit nutshell)

And now we’re back. We’re here. We’re ready. (I guess). I’m trying to figure out where it was I was and what I have been trying to forget all weekend. Alas, sweet speed, I am back hip-kickin.

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  1. It’s not actually Canada, it’s more the forest fires in Quebec.


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