Check out my code part 2

New York City isn’t big enough. They say it’s large and all, but they’re just pulling your tired leg. I ran into a boy this morning who recognized me from yesterday’s second diversion from my everyday life. It’s sort of odd. Not super freaky odd, but sort of odd. It threw me off for a second.

Did you stop by yesterday to drop off….?

Me (interrupting)

Yes, I did. I am Michele, this is Toby. I will be stopping by again today or tomorrow.


I’m _. I wish I could tell you what’s going on, but it’s not really my thing. So I don’t know.

I have no doubt in my mind it’s the hat. The pink hat. Wear a pink hat an people will notice you from one day to the next. Toby just stood there playing with the camera. He has nothing to worry about, I’m not looking to change that. But I might like to make some more money.

First they live in the same building now I’m running into them on the way to work. What’s next?

(Check Out My Code, Part II)


  1. should i have schmoozed?

    i wanted to see the photos of the turkey and
    ty Poopington.


  2. I think I wrote that wrong. What I meant was you have nothing to worry about, those boys, they don’t matter none. I just want the money.

    Meaning, your one hot turkey.

    Now I will give you the pics. :)


  3. you mean:

    “you’re one hot turkey”




  4. I thought he was a pantywaste.


    And your “code” is pissing me off.


  5. wow, i miss one stinking weekday and suddenly there are codes and all kinds of stuff.



  6. Let’s see – boys, nothing to worry about, just want the money – just what is it you do in New York City?


  7. Freakgirl, it’s pissin me off too. I hate when I piss myself off.

    I will stop this nonsense. Pronto!

    Resa, read yesterday. It’s a mess. I read something that scared me.


  8. Toby’s you ARE A TURKEY!!!

    SHUT IT!!!!!!!!

    I hate writing.


  9. i think i get it…ish

    i’m sorry to hear that you are uncomfortable though.


  10. i get uncomfortable too when you talk about toby’s hot turkey in public.


  11. Resa – btw – I meant to tell you last week, but forgot. You were misinformed about your cat’s name. “Inu” is “dog” in Japanese. “Nico” – probably sunlight or sunshine. I suppose that’s a better name, eh?

    Back to my corner.


  12. oh, i see. we thought we were being quite clever. but nico sounds nice anyway (and sunshine/ sunlight is also quite nice).

    incidently, our other cat (from the same litter, looks exactly the same) is named ad, after ad rock of beatie boy fame. which was funny for a while, but now (4 years later) is becoming less and less fun to explain to people. but it is too late now.


  13. it’s ok, not many people know about the beatie boy

    (yes, all i can contribute today is grammar and spelling checks)


  14. i am having some typing “issues”.


  15. at least you have the whole “your” “you are” think figured out.


  16. that would be me.


  17. my
    her was amazingly anal retentive about grammer. your/you’re, well/good, all that stuff. so i am ok w. grammer, but can’t spell for shit, nor can i type very well….


  18. word on that grammar thing. my
    her as well. right, bob?

    I’m annoyed by the “your” “you’re” thing. very annoyed. and i think because i’m so annoyed by it i fuck it up all the time.

    it’s like “perscription” and “subscription”. the moment I think about it, I screw it up.

    not sure if that makes sense.


  19. it doesn’t make perfect sense, but i’m willing to go along. are you and your brothers all equally neurotic about the grammer thing? i’ve got 2 younger siblings who aren’t quite as nuts about it (i have problems bringing myself to say “i’m good” for example, because i know it is so wrong).


  20. they are around (my brothers), so I’ll let them answer..

    But every time somone miss uses “good and “well” I correct them (even if it’s only in my head). Sometimes, I say so to them. It depends on if I know them. I have to say, I rarely scew that up. That one actually bugs me. (at least personally)

    My dad did things like this:


    Then she goes, ‘what do you mean a banana! I wanted a mango!”

    My dad:

    Where did she go? hmmmm?

    So there’s that as well. And I still say “goes” and it bugs me every time.

    I still mess it up. But I think about it every time.

    Then there’s the other “bob favorite”

    What good can come of that?

    Try answering that one and winning. Another one I think of all the time.


  21. ahhhh!!! it is good to know. it’s hard to talk w/out “s/he goes” or “i was like”
    i annoy myself when i do it, but i can’t stop myself. i try to not correct those around me on the good/well, i/me, etc. stuff, but sometimes, i can’t help it. when i was younger, my
    her was in the process of going back to school. my mother worked days, my
    her went to night school and then bartended nights. so i was around him way more often than my sister and brother were. and i get the feeling he regarded me as a bit of a science/ grammer experiment. so i have excellent grammer and a (somewhat) ridiculous vocabulary, but little to no social skills. whereas my sister and brother can hold a conversation w/ people pretty well, and not be bothered when people misuse grammer.

    it’s funny. i feel like good grammer isn’t too bad of a thing. and luckily, social skills are highly over rated. :)


  22. see, now you bring up a good point what are “good social skills?”


    Does that mean annoying and fake? The ability to talk to anyone and not really give two shits about what it is they really think? The salesman way of talking? That’s what I think of. And people like that I block out mainly.

    Because really this whole idea of “lacking social skills” is crap in my opinion. I agree with you, then. I think.

    What are good social skills? What does that mean exactly?

    (no one actually “has” to answer) :)


  23. or does it mean being pleasant to everyone you come in contact with?

    or does it refer to the person who you can take anywhere and they’ll be entertaining and easy.


  24. i think of it as either of two things- the annoying and fake shit. in which case, i am ok about the lack of them. happy, actually.

    but sometimes i see it as the ability to adapt to a situation- to be able to be nice to people you might not agree with. or (the lack of social skills here) being so down on yourself that you can’t interact w/ others- either because you can’t respect them OR because you don’t think that your own opinion is important enough. is worth sharing. it kind of depends on what kind of day i am having (ha, neurotic? or self-assured? oh, let’s see…)

    “or does it refer to the person who you can take anywhere and they’ll be entertaining and easy.” i don’t know if this is it- social skills- or not (social skills as a single entity, you see, so a singular verb is appropriate, ha-ha) but i love those people. they are awesome.


  25. I love those people too because they take the eyes off the people like myself who really just want to watch. :)

    i enjoy people so much. When you’re with that perfect group and the each individual reflects another well, there is nothing better in this world. But I st ill freak out a lot socially. So I don’t go out much any more. I wasn’t always like this. I’m not sure where it came from or when (for that matter).


  26. I think it has to do with priorities.


  27. it has a lot to do with priorities. and what else is going on in your life. i’m also not a big fan of going out, i sometimes have to make myself.

    if it is important to you to be (for example) noticed or be the center of attention, than you are probably more likely than otehrs to spend more time out, clubbing or bar hopping or whatever else it is that people do when they go out. other people want more low key, um, intimate gatherings. i feel like getting together w/ a few really good friends, where (like you said) people in the group compliment each other- reflects is actually what you said, sorry- is so much better. getting together and maybe drinking or whatever, playing trivial pursuit or just talking- actual real, hnoest-to-god good, intellgent conversation, where not everyone necessarily agrees but everyone is civil- or even just watching a movie. it is so much better than going out until 4am on a saturday to contract sexually transmitted diseases at frat parties. ha. ok, sorry. umass angst.

    anyway, point being, that, um, i forget. i think social anxiety also stems from growing up a little- not being 16 anymore and demanding the spotlight. not being stuck in that small (or medium, or large, or whatever)town anymore.

    and so on.


  28. yeah, and i still can’t type.


  29. “until 4am on a saturday to contract sexually transmitted diseases at frat parties.”

    HA HA HA

    Well, shit, I didn’t know we were talking about THAT kind of going out. I love me some social frat vd-getting parties. yum

    ::gives alias guy’s ghost a cookie::

    “Not you, dear. Not you.”


  30. bah don’t worry about spelling errors.



  31. “Well, shit, I didn’t know we were talking about THAT kind of going out. I love me some social frat vd-getting parties. yum”

    dude, who doesn’t?

    sorry, alias guy.


  32. I’m not sure if he’s here anymore. We scared him off.

    Hence qhost. I didn’t want him to think I was calling him dead from VD or something.

    (ok that probably makes no sense. here i go again, overthinking)


  33. me to speak good.

    Actually, I’m a stickler for grammer so it must run in the family.

    Why did you take down the catboxing link I sent you?


  34. ahhh, i see. that sucks- scaring people off is sometimes funny, sometimes bad.

    i now understand the ghost part- i thought maybe he was on vacation or something- talk about overthinking. i get it now.

    are you looking forward to your vacation? i had a 4 day weekend type vacation thing a couple of weeks ago, and everything went to hell. it wasn’t disasterous, but it was kind of funny. shit just kept going wrong. but we didn’t have any specific plans like i’m sure you guys do- if we had, i think it all would have gone much better.

    and here’s something else, totally random- i kept hearing that as you get get bigger (more pregnant), people get weirder and ruder (i thought that wasn’t possible, but whatever) and apparently it is true. today, my dept. administrator looked at me, totally serious, and actually said “You know, you should pay attention in your [birth] classes. I was in labor for a week.”

    a week? that’s not even medically possible. i am pretty sure that her ob would have done something. she obviously did not mena active labor, but that’s not the way she presented it. people are so weird. and sunday, i was walking into a target, some woman,stopped, got out of her car, and preceded to tell me that she was pregnant last year, this time, and that i was in for the most miserable hellish 3 monthes of my life. it was “horrible”. um, thanks? wtf?

    people are insane, i expect that i will be holed up in my apt., hiding, by next september.


  35. oops, rob it’s back again.

    my finger must have farted.


  36. wow, sorry, that was so long.


  37. resa you should have told that person to fuck off, that you already have 17 other kids.


  38. I assume, resa, that most of that shit that people (at random) say is all due to fits of jealousy. Always.

    I dunno if that even remotely helps. :/


  39. i keep telling myself: people are insane, not to be taken seriously. thanks for words of support….

    i’m sure i will continue to bitch and moan about it (insane people).


  40. Jealousy and regrets.


  41. and freakgirl, did you know that your comment buttons are gone?


  42. I’ve come to the point where I just assume all people are jackasses until they prove otherwise. It doesn’t affect how I treat them, I can’t help but be nice to strangers, but it does soften the blow when they turn out to be ass-heads. And if they turn out to be a nice person, it’s even more enjoyable.


  43. jealousy and regrets. it is good if i can try to remember that when they say these things. because then #1. they bother me less, and #2. i will probably have better outward reactions to them. instead of smiling uncertainly and saying: “um, ok….” and then running for the nearest exit

    a clear exaggeration, as i have not run anywhere in quite a few months.


  44. “I just assume all people are jackasses until they prove otherwise”

    i try for that, but i am fooled sometimes. it makes me feel both stupid and sad.

    stupid people…..


  45. Resa, out of curiosity (and don’t feel you have to answer) do you find that women are more likely to say something asinine and insensitive to you then men are when you’re pregnant?

    I only ask this because most men I know kind of revere and are in awe of women who are pregnant (the whole glowing aspect of it). Maybe this is the reason for jealousy coming from fellow women?

    Or maybe I’m just a sexist bastard who can’t wait for his wife to be all pregers (which is the scientific term).


  46. “pregers (which is the scientific term)” ha-ha. :)

    and men are much, much nicer (in my opinion) and more sensitive. but then again, they don’t have horror (labor for a week) stories (never mind the fact that women are making them up on the spot). my male friends have also been way more excited for ed and i, and most of them aren’t concerned w/ the crap that some of our female friends ask, like, oh, well, when are you going to get married, weren’t your parents upset, etc. our guy friends are more likely to think it’s “fucking sweet” (actual quote).
    so, (in summation) yes, men are far less likely to be jackasses.

    although, i should warn you, that women are sometimes a little “emotional” during pregnancy. we are generally lucid and normal, but we really lose our shit way more often than during non-pregnancy states, especially in the beginning (we are still in shock). you’ve been warned. :)


  47. Y’all used to just talk bad about me…now I’m dead? A fucking ghost! Good Lord!

    For the record, I am also against passing on vds at any hours of the day/night. And, as if it needs to be said, anti-date/acquaintance (sp.) rape as well.

    Damn. And I was apparently one of the few who actually think I “got” yesterday’s code, but kept my mouth shut since, you know, it’s in code for a reason.

    And, to remain on topic, I quit going out several years ago out of boredom. I started going out again recently and I quickly realized I hadn’t missed much.

    Ghost my ass.


  48. Resa, Michele and I have a cousin who recently gave birth. She had a horrible and dangerous time while pregnant (on an IV drip for part of it) but afterwards said she would go through it again in a heartbeat.

    Pain and discomfort are easily forgotten when the reward is soooo great. Of course, the
    her can breeze through it, which is why I believe the hormones kick in so much. We have to suffer in some way. But I grew up in a household that featured an out of control teenage MiHow. I’m well prepared.


  49. resa, yup, my comments are all effed up. I’m sure they’ll get back to normal within a few hours. :)


  50. i agree (about the reward, i’m not getting in the middle of a sibling THING). a lot of people say that the endorphins released kind of dull the memory of the pain (or else our species would be all done). i’m not too worried about it (yet)- with everything that modern medicine can do when and if necessary, risks are very low; and when complications arise (like your cousin), medical interventions can control them.

    i think that sister(s) can be very helpful- ed says that he wouldn’t have been able to deal w/ me during the first few months as well if not for his sisters. so comfort your wife- tell her you will be more understanding than the average person.


  51. alias guy- of course we were not talking about you- and glad to see you weren’t scared off. makes me feel better.



  52. People used to say things to me when I was pregnant too…I looked very young (as if 18 isn’t young enough) and I got a lot of dirty looks and “people your age shouldn’t have babies” comments. Big old WHATEVER.

    Pay no mind whatsoever to anyone’s birth stories, either…everyone is different. It’s been my experience that many women who have given birth act like they’re the only one in the world, and only their experience has any value or merit. I don’t know why this is, but it is. However, if you have any questions for me, I would be happy to share. No political spin…just the facts, I promise! :P

    I don’t understand any of this code business at all.


  53. woop! Alias guy is back! I thought we scared you off, sir.


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